The Row.

The calls and falls

the between and across

the begin and the end

the arrival and departure

the  events of the life

come and go often

not in order  as happen

mostly at random

experience them on the go

see to it you face no row.



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The Turn Of Events

The turn of events
happens with a speed
not very different
the unruly always unruly
the obedient never disobedient
the events, however, turn and turn
the aggressive on a little provocation
ignite and embitter the nation
the docile remain docile for long
a piquant and a sordid situation
much against any denomination.

turn of events

Impermanence. Poetry

The Destination

That which happens today

was never thought of yesterday

an announcement made today

is denounced tomorrow, the next day

the transitoriness is so remarkable

yet we live with a preamble

we want to proceed as we wish

there is another factor that would dish

dash the thoughts on the wall

we go frantic with our call

that does not matter a wee more

we succumb to the pressures all the more

the impermanence is always there

let us open our eyes and stare

then realize the positives

eschew the negatives

embrace what is possible

leave out the impossible

an acceptance leads us to a satisfaction

peace takes us to thedestination destination.


The Memory is Short.

The year going up to three hundred and sixty-five days
while the leap year having a day more
they roll on in no time as seen
great they seem to be when they begin
amidst shouts of Happy New Year
going demure when they wind up
with the heave and a sigh
saying with a displeasure
that another year has passed.

This being the charm of birth
and being the melancholy of death
when anything new and fresh dawns
there be a cheer and rejoice
both fading away from the arena
as quick as a wink in a shot
as the memory lasts not long
getting into the regular norms
that being the acceleration of the events.memory


Writing A Diary

Writing a diary 

has never been my practice

as such recording the events

chronologically with own views

gets me on the nerves

as Idiary feel incidents that happen

if vital would get registered  firmly in the mind

and if not serious enough

would diffuse and get forgotten

that being my attitude

I tried once and the lat

writing the days happenings

but could not go further

as my hand did not move

knowing fully well

that my mind is not for it

being half way through

it refused to move

with that I closed my diary

and then never thought of writing any more.

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Divine Mockery

It is a likelihood of  proximity.

Might be a fallacy of divinity.

Calling for an immediate spontaneity.

Preceded by a tantalising  agitation.

Followed by a vigorous affectation.

Spurred by a disoriented infusion.

The eyes wink in a speedy flutter.

The lips move in a strange clatter.

Words surge in and out in fine chatter.

The crowd throngs in a feverish momentum.

Eager to listen to the frenzied dictum.

Holding their breath they await the referendum.

Gradually the  letters decipher into an ultimatum.

The words are strung  to form a verbatim.

The wordy garland  carries a prediction of events.

It is impregnate with a content.

The belief is beyond admission.

Well, it is an individual decision.

Going by it is a blind faith.

It  is obviously  a myth. 

Yet, it has an arterial appeal.

 It penetrates through the circulation.

Insinuating a deep perpetuation.

They conjoin the mind and body in integration.

It is an experience thrilling, no doubt

Yet, it lacks an authenticity in stout.

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A Pullback

My heart sank to the deepest blue,

The  day’s events pulled me down true,

A shot of quick anger rose in a flew,

A drop of tear rolled down in a groove,

The heart stopped in a slew,

I buried my head in a dejection all through.


A few minutes later I got up with vigour,

Brushed aside the tear in a rigour,

Sidelined the events to a meagre,

Abated the fuming resulting out of trigger,

Rose up with a stature even bigger,

Resolved to emerge victorious with a glitter.



subscriptions thoughts

Events Around.

It is, but, natural for a river to flow,

It is, but,routine for the sun to shine,

it is, but , occasional for the wind to blow,

It is , but , regular for the movements to line,

But , it is, the sequence that  make us mellow.

A month of activity and bustle kept us in tow,

The Osama bin laden shoot was a surprise,

The gold and silver  prices fell in a row,

The Indian elections  points out to a new apprise,

The Strauss Kahn adultery created a show,

Pushing us to an amazing and tantalising jeopardise.

The events one after another give a  stupendous jolt,

The shoot out  invokes a hatred and vengeance,

The decline in commodities prices  pegs a bolt,

The  Indians have  exhibited enormous power  by prudence,

The  slander  of IMF chief has brought in a blasphemous quote,

The happenings around the world   instill  a worldly jurisprudence.