endanger Poetry reaction.encounter

Every Action ——Physics

For every action
there be an opposite reaction
not only, this is science
it also extensively signs
the impasse of the world
not clothed in words
found in real terms
experienced in events firm
met in unforeseen circumstances
it could be an encouter
straignt or hidden behind
it also could be a lesson quote-lead-follow-1024x722
dmight be a turning point
if it directs to the good
it has served the purpose
if it reports and restores bad
it is endangered and erroneous
Be careful with instigations
specially toeards reactions.


No Further Action

No further Action

keeps me abreast

wondering what it is

is it an action taken

and then calling for no  addition

a phrase highly precocious

with meaning many

giving out no clue

being in itself an enigma

perplexing the whole

with a configuration

not to the mark

propounding a confusion

proposing a not  so relevant

giving not anything out

yet giving something

that takes us unaware

and puts us in a disposition

strange and depressing.nofurtheraction




A Definition Extended,

A lively day with action

getting lot of reaction

multiplied in fraction

seen in  great faction

heard in   situation

fastened by traction

undergoing a deletion

finding no reason

withstanding  all treason

going ahead in fashion

reaching the culmination

with no obstruction

thus the day went by in precision

as the action came to a stop  with a fusion

where good and bad confront  in a notion

while great and small clash in a notation

as the valid and fake  pose a confrontation

the day came to a close away from the stipulated location.Good-and-Bad-Daiquiri-small











Actions Duty Interpretation True Wisdom

True Freedom.

The rightful trend is to be liberal,

Freedom  in mind and speech,

Freedom  in thought and action,

Freedom  in choice and  admission,

Freedom  in juxtaposition,

Freedom  in expression,

Freedom  in disposition,

Freedom  in exposition,

Freedom  in implication,

Freedom  in impression,

Freedom in appreciation,

Freedom in critical evaluation,

Freedom  in  trade and transaction,

Freedom  in relaxation,

Freedom  in perception,

Ensuing an emphatic liberation.


Actions Progress Speech subscriptions thoughts

A Harangue

The speech was fiery ,

The speaker was flamboyant ,

The audience was spell bound.


The address was focused,

As it spelt a lot about deterioration,

There was an uneasy apprehension.


The  ideas were ideal,

Aiming to enhance,

Giving a space to appreciate.


The programmes were accurate,

Tending to develop,

Proposing a march ahead.


The benefits derived  are many,

Giving out promises,

Calling for an approval.


The harangue was impressive,

 As it resounded  a glory,

Eliciting a victory.


It contained  words and assurances,

It had also content and issuance,

Implying an action leading to progress.





subscriptions thoughts

Events Around.

It is, but, natural for a river to flow,

It is, but,routine for the sun to shine,

it is, but , occasional for the wind to blow,

It is , but , regular for the movements to line,

But , it is, the sequence that  make us mellow.

A month of activity and bustle kept us in tow,

The Osama bin laden shoot was a surprise,

The gold and silver  prices fell in a row,

The Indian elections  points out to a new apprise,

The Strauss Kahn adultery created a show,

Pushing us to an amazing and tantalising jeopardise.

The events one after another give a  stupendous jolt,

The shoot out  invokes a hatred and vengeance,

The decline in commodities prices  pegs a bolt,

The  Indians have  exhibited enormous power  by prudence,

The  slander  of IMF chief has brought in a blasphemous quote,

The happenings around the world   instill  a worldly jurisprudence.