Actions Poem

Own Axis

With a long face
and anger in the eyes
pointing the fingers
pouting the lips
the lady started
her harangue
admonishing some
punishing a few
appreciating none
piling praises
on herself and herself alone.
Then she walked grandly
totally blind
to her faults
of respecting none
performing more than bad
in all her endeavours.

Actions Progress Speech subscriptions thoughts

A Harangue

The speech was fiery ,

The speaker was flamboyant ,

The audience was spell bound.


The address was focused,

As it spelt a lot about deterioration,

There was an uneasy apprehension.


The  ideas were ideal,

Aiming to enhance,

Giving a space to appreciate.


The programmes were accurate,

Tending to develop,

Proposing a march ahead.


The benefits derived  are many,

Giving out promises,

Calling for an approval.


The harangue was impressive,

 As it resounded  a glory,

Eliciting a victory.


It contained  words and assurances,

It had also content and issuance,

Implying an action leading to progress.