The Glory

With the morn

there rises the sun  slowly

bringing in glory images (90)


Surmounting The Flaws

Fathomless is the ocean

so is the thinking.

Extensive is knowledge

so is the learning

Great is the expedition

so should be the understanding.

The best is  crossing over

so should be lifeAenid

With the comfort and ease

and with reason  sans tease

life has to go smooth and flowing

surmounting the  flaws  in the living






The Feeling Of Love.

Falling in love has its own constraints

with people calling it love without restraint

mostly centering round man and woman

as other things do not fall in common

that of loving the fellow human

not  in a way as the expectation  run

but  in the normal as a man to man

with kindness and assistance  extended

and picking up affection with the flow

seeing a child of enchanting beauteous glow

with the combination of  smartness

all well-defined in Nature in its greatnesslove picture

exhibiting  a row of gracious elements

that of air, water,fire, earth and space

appealing to the eyes in a pace

provoking an affinity all too fine

generally called as love in shine

henceforth encompassing the stream

with love and delight  expressed with a beam.

Love does not confine itself to man and woman as felt

but goes beyond that as told  crossing all belt.


Disaster great.

The daring deed brought fame
It gave him a recognition.
It ignited the flame
that was in negotiation
whether to burn or not
Burn id did in red
not as a rising dot
but as being led
jumping in such velocity
spreading a curious light
causing an alacrity
never before in sight
warning of a destruction
kindled by his recent glory
telling all that he by seduction
let out by his victory
claims an invincibility
which looks dangerous
contradicting the security
pertaining to be infectious
leading to a disaster infinity.flame

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The Basics of an Ideal Man.

graceThe qualities of men are inborn.
The birth gives a tag with a fawn.
The bringing up adds to the personality greatly.
The background lends a charm definitely.

The pleasant buoyancy is a phenomenon natural.
The dignified grace is a facility of immense approval.
The loving smile is an added tool to win everyone at all levels.
Any move of kindness draws all sectors to a close gathering most unusual.

The family makes a man what he is.
The education teaches him how he should be by thesis.
The association leads him how to interact by basis
The integrity crowns him with glory without any treatise.

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The Thunder

 So much so the clouds were gathering ,

 So much so the sun was descending,

 So much so the dusk was slowly setting,

So much so there  was an eye tearing lightning,

Followed by a thunder deafening.



Many a heart  jumped  out in apprehension,

Many a voice  got stifled with emotions,

Many an ear lost the power of attention,

Many a gadget  was snapped  of its connections,

Many a hut  caught fire in the commotion,

As the thunder thundered  in terrific motion.


LIttle do we pay heed to Nature’s fury,

Little do we  respect Nature’s cosy,

Little do we acclaim Nature’s glory,

Little do we endorse Nature’s theory,

Little do we read  Nature’s  story,

Un mindful   we carry on with our selfish  booty.



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A Revision

History  is a  fine study,

Teaching us to be savvy,

Alerting us to be awry,

Leading us to glory.


Revising may be   a  terrible bore,

Though it directs us to the core,

It transacts the past more and more,

Revitalising the present  to the fore.


Revisiting the past is dreaded by all,

Recycling the waste is gaining a call,

Reusing the water is the newest  ball,

Ensuing a spirited move really tall.



Revisions go ahead of all venues,

Promising supportive rescues

They bring out lucrative revenues,

Foretelling   a cordial bien-venue  




















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A Harangue

The speech was fiery ,

The speaker was flamboyant ,

The audience was spell bound.


The address was focused,

As it spelt a lot about deterioration,

There was an uneasy apprehension.


The  ideas were ideal,

Aiming to enhance,

Giving a space to appreciate.


The programmes were accurate,

Tending to develop,

Proposing a march ahead.


The benefits derived  are many,

Giving out promises,

Calling for an approval.


The harangue was impressive,

 As it resounded  a glory,

Eliciting a victory.


It contained  words and assurances,

It had also content and issuance,

Implying an action leading to progress.