The Feeling Of Love.

Falling in love has its own constraints

with people calling it love without restraint

mostly centering round man and woman

as other things do not fall in common

that of loving the fellow human

not  in a way as the expectation  run

but  in the normal as a man to man

with kindness and assistance  extended

and picking up affection with the flow

seeing a child of enchanting beauteous glow

with the combination of  smartness

all well-defined in Nature in its greatnesslove picture

exhibiting  a row of gracious elements

that of air, water,fire, earth and space

appealing to the eyes in a pace

provoking an affinity all too fine

generally called as love in shine

henceforth encompassing the stream

with love and delight  expressed with a beam.

Love does not confine itself to man and woman as felt

but goes beyond that as told  crossing all belt.

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Vows And Promises

vows and promisesVows and promises made along

inflict a constraint all along.

Vows are made in the face of challenges

that exceed at times beyond the ranges.

Promises sworn in times of emergency

lay a refrain in days of  urgency.



Vow to do a deed  is a no mean achievement

leading  to a pronounced  denouement.

Promises  of merit are to kept at any cost

as otherwise they seem  a meaningless slot.

Both  are  dead easy to confirm and construct

as long as they remain a  mere wordy instruct.


Vows   take the cue from anger and pain.

At times they proceed to a bloody slain.

Promises are born out of  will and necessity.

Most times they rob  life out of immunity.

Vows and promises should not  come down as rain.

They are to be proposed with out vain.