Poetry thoughts

Tumult Not a Fear.

The thunder is in full swing

the rain has taken its wings

the tumult is  not a fear anymore

being a pleasure  all the more

the breeze blows gently

moist laden in plenty

a beautiful experience

after a day of a penance

one  of unbearable heat

enough to beat

even a strong lad

it seemed very bad

as of now the rains

pour in a voluminous  strain

blessed be the people around

cheer being seen in the surround.kaboom


Poetry thoughts

Climatic Violence.

Could hear the thunder

it is going to be a wonder

the clouds gather so quick

would it rain in a tick?

wait and wait for hours

what has happened to nature’s power?

stands it bereft of all strength

weak and frail to the tenth

the thunder slowly wanes into silence

rains retreat leaving a climatic violence.climate








The Murmur And Destruction

The thunder was mild
seemed the sky was murmuring  by  itself
looked as though it was grumbling
going on for some time in a way soft
it gained momentum and started rocking
with a big blast and a noise
deafening the surrounding altogether
the rains got gathered in the clouds
and were preparing to fall as droplets
there arose a big voluminous sound
sonorous as it could be and frightening
giving a feel that the world has collapsed
with that the rains started to fall
with a force not known so far
coming down in torrence with a lash
drenching the area totally
making it marshy and slushy
unable to cross through
while the rain went on for days together
deluding the ground with great speed
and the land appeared like a boat
mired in the huge ocean
striking hard to reach the shore
but getting no way in the midst
apparently hard and incredible
as a wade through  would pose a risk
Days and months would go along
just for clearing up the mess
and diffusing the stress
a patienthunder  and rain

ce  is the need of the hour
as far as the murmur that has gone beyond
ending up in a  devastation and havoc great



Thunders rock the sky

bringing excess rain along

resonating and rejuvenating

at the same time.thunder

Actions Anger Poem

A Break Down.

The auto gate stopped working.
Pressing the remote with force
tried the best to induce moving.
Lo! it creaked hoarse.

It remained stubbornly stuck.
It was late in the night.
Shook the gate with a pluck.
It remained fastidiously tight.

Afraid to stand alone in the lane.
as there started thunder and lightning.
Lost patience and soon became insane
Heavy torrential rain started pouring.

Fully drenched I kicked the gate.
It was as adamant as a mule.
Cursing badly the fate
Got hold of a rusty tool.

With the tool lifted the railings from below.
Dried grass and leaves lay settled there.
Pulled the coarse stuff from the hollow.
It gave a clearance without a snare.

Drying my hand with a tissue.
Wiping the water from the face
expecting no probable issue
pressed the remote in phases.

Slowly the jam got released.
The gate moved with hiccups.
I was immensely pleased
as the gate went through a lap up.

auto gate.

Actions Beauty Environment Experience feelings melodrama Rain

A Melodrama

It looked as if it is going to rain.

The clouds  grew dark as if  in feign.

But the effort  was in vain.

As the expected did not happen in the main.


Thunder also joined the game.

The sound was tremendous not to blame.

But the work was only lame.

As nothing happened to name.


Lightning stepped into the fray.

The shine was a blinding  in the bay.

But the schedule was not gay.

As everything  indicated an event stray.


The rain played  hide and seek.

Its downpour was in streak.

But the entire schedule was meek.

As everything disappeared with a shriek.








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It was dark and serene.

Clouds moved  across,.

lightning  struck ahead,

thunder blasted over,

rains lashed with force,

the scene was sombre,

the light  effect was dazzling,

the sound was deafening,

creating an orchestra,

neither of mirth,

nor of melancholy,

but of reality,

and of credibility.








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Now a Noise then a Silence.

There was a loud thunder,

Then a silence,

There was a great fall,

Then a silence,

There was a hideous clash,

Then a silence,

There was a deliberate blow,

Then a silence,

There was a terrific gunning,

Then a silence,

There was heart-rending cry,

Then a silence,

There was a rattling prattle,

Then a silence,

There was a deafening noise,

Then a silence,

There was, there was ,everything loud,

Yet, there was, there was ,then a silence.

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The Thunder

 So much so the clouds were gathering ,

 So much so the sun was descending,

 So much so the dusk was slowly setting,

So much so there  was an eye tearing lightning,

Followed by a thunder deafening.



Many a heart  jumped  out in apprehension,

Many a voice  got stifled with emotions,

Many an ear lost the power of attention,

Many a gadget  was snapped  of its connections,

Many a hut  caught fire in the commotion,

As the thunder thundered  in terrific motion.


LIttle do we pay heed to Nature’s fury,

Little do we  respect Nature’s cosy,

Little do we acclaim Nature’s glory,

Little do we endorse Nature’s theory,

Little do we read  Nature’s  story,

Un mindful   we carry on with our selfish  booty.



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I Am Truly Myself.

The sky was blue and crystal clear,

The day was bright and sunny,

There was a great momentum and cheer,

Suddenly there was a change funny,

Dark clouds sauntered  idly like a bear,

The  hot sun sank  as a dummy,

Drops of water fell likely on the rear,

Subdued noises emanated from the sky’s tummy,

Blinding lightning dazzled with a tear,

 A loud  ear-splitting sound  tore the ear phony.

Off went the electricity without a glare,

Drops of water fell likely on the rear,

Subdued noises emanated from the sky’s tummy,

Blinding lightning dazzled with a tear,

 A loud  ear-splitting sound  tore the ear phony.

Off went the electricity without a glare,

 The computer lost its capacity in a  fussy,

The television stopped its activity in a tear,

All  the kitchen gadgets  halted  forsaking the gravy,

Leaving me alone to fend with my self-defensive care,

My hands skilfully aided me in my duty,

My eyes deftly led me through without a stare,

My legs strongly took me to places in reality

 Whatever may be the eventual casualty

I will be myself , truly myself ,without a flare.