The Myth So Long

The  flash goes bright

blinding the eyes

that of not artificial

but one of natural

coming in the squigglesform of lightning

while the myth goes

lightning powerful

would rob the eyesight

as my mother closed my eyes

during my younger days

a measure to save my eyes

that still lingers  in my memory

forcing me to close the eyelids

as soon as I see a lightning

a habit that dies hard.

Is there any reason to believe so/

I know not what to say so

as the scientists have to answer

this frivolous  question of mine

sounding very trivial and silly

but has a meaning great and  valid.



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It was dark and serene.

Clouds moved  across,.

lightning  struck ahead,

thunder blasted over,

rains lashed with force,

the scene was sombre,

the light  effect was dazzling,

the sound was deafening,

creating an orchestra,

neither of mirth,

nor of melancholy,

but of reality,

and of credibility.








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The Thunder

 So much so the clouds were gathering ,

 So much so the sun was descending,

 So much so the dusk was slowly setting,

So much so there  was an eye tearing lightning,

Followed by a thunder deafening.



Many a heart  jumped  out in apprehension,

Many a voice  got stifled with emotions,

Many an ear lost the power of attention,

Many a gadget  was snapped  of its connections,

Many a hut  caught fire in the commotion,

As the thunder thundered  in terrific motion.


LIttle do we pay heed to Nature’s fury,

Little do we  respect Nature’s cosy,

Little do we acclaim Nature’s glory,

Little do we endorse Nature’s theory,

Little do we read  Nature’s  story,

Un mindful   we carry on with our selfish  booty.