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Rewarding it Would Be.

The early morning call

be it to the temple

not for me in all

for my cousin’s invite.


Never had risen so early  recent

not even during examinations

nice of it to see the morn decent

turned out to be a fascination.


The darkness still dense

the rays of sun not visible

free from pollution intense

away from the high decibel.


A drive through the town

the houses locked and gates fastened

could go fast without a frown

unnecessary to run in a hasten.


The temple was also free

so quick for the morning devotees

could pray with the mind in glee

rewarding would it turn to be?




The Flow of The River.

Likewise the river flows
so wise and clever
flows she with no stop
stopped she for no reason
reason be not well-riverknown
known for her steadfastness
fast she runs in force
forcefully she exists
exists she all the year
the year of rain
rain falls in excess
excessive in the catchment
the catch being profuse
as profuse as the bounty
bounteous she looks
a look with a beam and pride
a pride in the right sense
sensible and excellent.

Rules And Freedom

The concepts and prescriptions get you tied up.
The themes and traditions restrict your approach.
A free flow with an enlarges sway keeps you on the move.
That which falls under any code lends a boundary.
That which follows the rules suppresses your creativity.
The well-kept garden is a lovely scenario.
The forest in its naturel growth is a fascination.
Therein comes the difference of rules and freedom.
Let the imagination go up and down in its own extension
let it grow sideways too with an elaboration
nothing wrong in doing so as there arises an infinitive
something great would descend from somewhere unassuming
with a fantasy and delight hl2_concept_81keeping us in great stride.

True Freedom.

The rightful trend is to be liberal,

Freedom  in mind and speech,

Freedom  in thought and action,

Freedom  in choice and  admission,

Freedom  in juxtaposition,

Freedom  in expression,

Freedom  in disposition,

Freedom  in exposition,

Freedom  in implication,

Freedom  in impression,

Freedom in appreciation,

Freedom in critical evaluation,

Freedom  in  trade and transaction,

Freedom  in relaxation,

Freedom  in perception,

Ensuing an emphatic liberation.


On the Run

The days of youth are fun,

As we are always in the run,

Once we are up on a tree,

We sing aloud in a total free.


The days of adulthood are little less fun,

As  we have to move about in a slower run,

Once we are in the mid tree,

 We deliberate on things not totally free.


The days of mid age are least fun,

As we have to check out our run,

Once  we are on the lower tree,

 We  work on  the responsibilities almost unfree.


The days of old age are never a fun,

As we  have to stop our run,

Once we are beneath the tree,

 We count the days when we would be set free.