Poetry thoughts

Another Day More.

Another day more

with the sun rise

and a sun set

work and sleep

intervened by happenings

could make you happy

would make yo unhappy

the day that was

the day that is

the day that would  be

look more or less alike

but for the age

of you and of me

increases with a mark

a sag and a wrinkle

greying and a wobbling

as you walk towards the destination.





The Genuine Work Of Art.

download (36)The flower over there 

looks from there

blooming in the sun shine

holding us in a  bind.


Having not  thought of attracting

it blossoms with no thinking

delighting the onlooker  great

never once bargaining the rate.


Any work of art might it be

great or small let it be

should command the views

never  advertise any clues.

They be recognised for their merit

get across the board in  credit

let not they be thrown out for propaganda

as that could destroy their agenda.


The  part that which comes up for sale

acquires a look haggard and pale

with  selling becoming the motive

there is no grade in the retrieve.


Bees go to the flower for honey

birds surround the trees for fruits  though tiny

that be the procedure all through

with works of art more true.


A Deal —-Town Planning Authorities —Madurai

The clattering  sound from near

with the buildings coming up very near

the noise and sound go up in air

with the flying of scaffolding down

with the throwing of tea cups unmindful

with the pulling down of my walls  without any relent

the garden kept so far clean with greenery all around

turns messy in  a short time  as if dressed in rags

that which is brought up with care and love

gets shattered in a quick time for greed

the trees and plants looking shabby  and haggard

with dirt covered over them not little but terrible

seemingly crying for a relief in exasperation

with the proximity of the building so close

violating the norms of town planning

with the authorities keeping mum

why ?you must be knowing better

they having been rewards handsome

while the builder makes huge profits

abutting into my area  slowly and gradually

destroying my peace and ambience

this being only an example all through

where the rules are broken

with the mouth being shut by bribes hefty

while those of us who refuse to pay

seeking relief by rightful measures

go unrelieved mostly and certainly

as the world is lacking in transparency

and the officials unheeding to our plea.

permit the builder to go about

with nothing to restrain and planning


Expectations Hurt.

Expecting nothing
brings a lot of things.
with ornate and adorns
releasing a bright dawn.
Expecting the most
leads to a bare toast
plain without any garnish
being one forced and tarnished.
This be the experience of all
but we go on thinking of the call
when there is really no prompt
beholding a diversified plot
the mind gets on with the clause
going beyond all the choice
considering the gross ahead
then taking up the net instead
with workings in and around
hoping to receive with an abound.
well that is the way we are brought
as we go on making things hot.expectations


Dreams And Real.

Entering into the world of dreams
where everything is a fantasy
wandering there with no thought of the world
seeing castles and lovely gardens
with men to serve and women to stand
eating from where you are and
dining the sumptuous delicacies
would be a welcome change to anyone
but it would hold good only as a change
not as a permanent walk through
as work is the only thing
that keeps us in of dreams


Work Culture

Getting to work
has different looks.
Diligence is found in few
engrossment is seen in some.
Working with sincerity
is noticed in few
Doing it for the sake
is the attitude of many.
So goes the work
with a like and a dislike
with a compulsion to fulfil
where quality shrinks
and quantity overtakes
where pay packets play a role
and indulgence keeps out
seducing a withdrawal
and a thought to work
for the sake of it
working to keep the fire burning
for the reliability in society
together with the necessity for survival
and an edge over sustenance.

work culture



With a day drawing to a close.
Winding up everything in a chose.
Taking list of the activities in a pose.
Counting the dimes spent in a course.
while the eyes are enforcing a throes.
the mind goes on deliberating the pros
the cons get ahead in toes
weighing the inclusions in tens
considering the intrusions in a sense
adjusting the spectacle’s lens
browsed through the categories dense
selecting the best from them in all intense
briskly incorporated them without pretense
concluding the day’s work with impeccable sustenance.
at the stoke of midnight know notfast-asleep-koyasansleep came from whence.


Aspire And Acquire.

Getting to know little
we talk much.
Getting in hand very little
we spend much.
Getting to have learnt little
we speak much.
The very little we imbibe
in knowledge and learning
and possess as wealth
should induce us
to aspire for more and more
much has to be acquired.


The Child’s Play. —— Haiku

Crying all night
disturbing the parents all through
enjoyed all day.

The parents worked
without any rest all day
to night watch child cries

Actions Experience feelings Poem sleep

Sleeping Is A Blessing.

If sleeping is busy
what else is not busy?asked my friend

Getting this thought in mind
wanted to obtain a find.

Sleep to me comes
when I know not.
I lie down in the morn
have a siesta in the noon.
take a nap at dusk.
sleep soundly in the night.
Work all day makes you busy I told him
Sweating and perspiring makes you dizzy.
Sleep all day makes me busy said I.
Refreshing and relaxing makes me shine.
Well that be my goal all through the days
and none need frown at me everyday.