Almost There!

The monkey on the fence
jumps up and down.
His pranks make me tense
I frown.

The worried mother comes looking for him .
Mischievous as he is
he slips behind the bushes without a hiss
I can see his eyes shine with a gleam.

The mother  in a panic,
runs here and there to find him
As she cannot trace him
her hunt turns strategic.

She climbs a huge mango tree.
The ripe fruits yellowish in hue
excite her, she advances without a hue
of the encirclement of bees.

Ensnared by the bees.
she negotiates through the siege.

Plucks a luscious fleshy fruit
peels the skin and tears open in strands
the juice flows down her hands,
she licks hurriedly, devouring the fruit

The little monkey’s mouth waters,
he rushes out from his hiding
calls “mama,mama”, almost whining
his voice echoes from all quarters.

The mother chuckles having won.
Being her turn to fool
she remains cool.
For a while, plays truant for fun.

Engrossed in their play
I stay in my grilled patio. I lose
track of the time, in a close
unmindful of the sun’s burning rays.

In the milieu, I forget my rice
cooked in the pressure cooker
the whistles fail to trigger
the burnt rice looks like charred fries.



Characters Of Men

Characters of men

seem to be common

a smile at one side

with a frown besides

finding in a man I know

seen him like that in the go

a winning smile he professes

while his inner self  is infectious

wishes well at the behest

condemns badly with a detest

all he does at the same time

his actions go about in rhyme

one follows the other  in a row

shows high respect with a bow

inside he contemplates on a scheme

secretly he would pass on in a seam

soon you would find yourself in a state

where you would be counting the dates

one, two, three you go in a diligence

you would be in the midst of an insurgency.


Actions Experience feelings Poem sleep

Sleeping Is A Blessing.

If sleeping is busy
what else is not busy?asked my friend

Getting this thought in mind
wanted to obtain a find.

Sleep to me comes
when I know not.
I lie down in the morn
have a siesta in the noon.
take a nap at dusk.
sleep soundly in the night.
Work all day makes you busy I told him
Sweating and perspiring makes you dizzy.
Sleep all day makes me busy said I.
Refreshing and relaxing makes me shine.
Well that be my goal all through the days
and none need frown at me everyday.


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Brooding Over.

She was brooding over the happenings.

She was recollecting the trappings.

Her memory took her long back.

Reminding her of the days in a track.


Once she was a golden girl.

She moved along with lovely frills.

She hummed in musical shrill.

Everyone danced to her drills.


She grew up to become a lovely lady fair

She commanded respect in all the flair.

Gliding through the tracks in a rare,

she evoked a shining glare.


The  curtains are falling down.

Her demeanour has become a frown.

Her appearance has lost its glamour.

She withdraws herself into her chamber.


She has to come out of her past.

Eventually accept the present.

Go about with the tide in glory.

That is how we have to end the story.