The Times—-Haiku

The past is a relic.
it is antique
being outdated and didactic.

The present is alive.
It is a drive.
being imminent and a thrive.

The future is hope.
It is an elope.
being a possibility and a copimages (93)e.


Living in The Present.

Not thinking much about future.
Not talking much about any feature.
Not reading anything about the creatures.
Not writing anything about nature
The man works in the present420_live_in_moment_7
doing what he could do to make it decent
His work program is not nascent
It is a lively action very recent.
To him travelling into the past
makes no impact lasting.
He goes on with his duties not aghast
but performs them in time and fast.
Well, that is how he lives in a cast.

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Brooding Over.

She was brooding over the happenings.

She was recollecting the trappings.

Her memory took her long back.

Reminding her of the days in a track.


Once she was a golden girl.

She moved along with lovely frills.

She hummed in musical shrill.

Everyone danced to her drills.


She grew up to become a lovely lady fair

She commanded respect in all the flair.

Gliding through the tracks in a rare,

she evoked a shining glare.


The  curtains are falling down.

Her demeanour has become a frown.

Her appearance has lost its glamour.

She withdraws herself into her chamber.


She has to come out of her past.

Eventually accept the present.

Go about with the tide in glory.

That is how we have to end the story. 








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Live Now

Life is to live well,

With cheer and peace,

Driving hatred in a fleece,

Interacting with an ease,

Oh ! Do we have  more to tell?


Life is to earn  ,

With hard work  and perseverance,

Amass wealth never  at other’s grievance,

Make  money with due diligence,

Oh! Is it   the only yearn?



Life is to be happy,

Cherish every  minute with a proper outfit,

Enjoy each experience in a true befit,

Chase  melancholy  as it is a culprit,

Oh! Is it not  a little crappy?



Life is to save,

Preserve health with care 

Never seek wealth with a glare,

Hold on to the present bare,

Oh! Is there anything more to rave?



Life is  for the present,

It is not for the future,

Live well today in rapture,

Live dignified now with nomenclature,

Oh! Can’t you see yonder  light flourescent?



Life is for only  once,

A mad rush for money is indecent,

A struggle for largess is least complacent,

Losing health in the milieu becomes permanent,

Oh! tell me,  is it not a bad bounce?


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An Impressive Galore.

Scams and scandals,

Rock the world

Feign and pretext,

Shock the  world,

Greed and cheat,

Block  the world.

Sly and treachery,

Mock the world,

Lust and lewdness,

Lock the world

Wicked and evil,

Flock  the world,

Pride and prejudice,

Smock the world

Vanity and frailty,

Knock the world,

What an impressive galore!1