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Scale Down

scale downScaling down is an issue

be it in wealth or weight

a decrease in wealth

provokes a jeer and a tear.

a diminish in weight

calls for a cheer at times

notifies a fear most times

both happen unexpectedly

both occur now and then

both are not in our hands

but prudence helps to  maintain

a healthy balance of both

be careful and work towards an equanimity.

Diet————A Direction

Diet is a factor in essence

causes a fitness to the whole

lends an immunity to the body

a well-being to the entire system

being conscious of the diet

makes you a healthy person

strong and sufficient in strength

lively and mobile  in all terms

a regular one rich in iron and calcium

one with vitamins and oxidants

be it a simple one but wholesome

the form of oats, rice and cereals

splattered with fruits of all kinds

mustered with vegetables of all varieties

along with the dairy products to supplement

milk, cheese, butter and ghee

might also include meat, beef and fish

pork and chicken to add with

along with eggs and others

I might go astray in those not vegetarian

have been not familiar with them

they too contribute to the welfare

though lately they are considered unnecessary

apart from restricting them

a total abstinence from alcohol

a refrain from smoking

would take one a long way in prosperity

a trouble free life in general

of course with bouts of cold and fever

not much more than that

every human is prone to such ailments

a watch on diet keeps you hale and healthy.

A Grandiloquence

Rare it is to think off

be it, anyone without a scoff

could be your forefathers in a row

not thought of all the days though

called now for personal gains

hoping high it would rain

benefits like a storm

overwhelming in all forms

causes could be many in the anvil

might be apparently trivial

that be one of a  prospective alliance

refer also to a windfall in its radiance

direct very much to health and longevity

never for the remembrance solely

while a good turn towards fellow human

a kind word to  an elderly man

a smile on the face always

a loving heart expresses with grace

a grandiloquence displayed all the more

would keep the world well ashore.padaippu

Battle of Siege

Lady Mosquitoeswindows shut

Close the windows and doors.
Close them at once with force.
Why this urgency? in course.

Oh! shut the windows and doors.
Shut them with necessary force.
Why this haste? in course.

Well, do not open the windows and doors.
Well, do not open them with force.
Why this caution? in course.

Fine as the windows and doors are fastened.
There is no add ons required to hasten
the vigil to guard the entrance.

Getting back into a sober ease.
Relaxing comfortably in the closeted freeze.
Eyed the culprit come up from a narrow crease.

With a startled shock rose up in fear
as the attacker came very near.
Quickly seized a bat from rear.

The misnomer goes round and round in a buzz.
There appears a sharp sting butting out from the tress.
Being not bitten is a bless.

The bat is swirled in all directions.
It fails to trap the one with no dimensions.
The bat proves useless before this manipulation.

What was it? cried everyone in alarm.
It was,it was a menace that causes mush harm.
What to say it is a mosquito in its full form.

The Smoke

There was a huff and a puff,

There was a loud jarring cough,

There was a heavy sneeze,

A smoke was seen through the trees.


The fire was ignited to burn rubbish,

It lay all around in big heaps,

The fumes butted out in a fleece,

It spoilt the environment’s peace.


It choked the young and old alike,

The lungs had to perform a strike,

Working with wheezing and  halted breath,

Struggling amidst  the spasmodic hearth.



People go about their own way,

Spoiling the habitation in a quick sway,

Inflicting the population with a deal,

Far more criminal than steal.



Siesta Lovable.

A siesta in the afternoon is delicious,

Medical professionals call it malicious,

It is not to the liking of the adventurous,

It kindles laziness people say in vociferous,

It is seen  clearly as health hazardous.


It may be so to most of us,

To me it is enchantingly rapturous,

A nap in the mid-day is fabulous,

Releasing a refreshment salubrious,

Enabling the system to work harmonious.


It has become a routine  obvious,

Missing it once becomes tedious,

The enchantment felt is infectious, 

Does it sound outrageous?

Does it look hilarious?







Save the Land

Pots and  earthen tableware,

Lovely and less of fare,

Eco friendly and  a fine spare,

Least to be found anywhere.


The clay burnt to certain temperature,

Turns out porous and opaque in structure,

Serves the rich and poor in every nature,

Most so simple and decorative in all feature.


Food cooked in earthen ware is extremely  tasty

Adding an aroma of earth only too savoury,

Ensuing a healthy strain all too easily,

Supplementing an enrichment singularly.


It should be back to the basics,

Falling back to the old style tactics,

Might sound a drift very drastic,

Nevertheless it  should become dogmatic.



Plastics, polyurethane  look so attractive,

They have an unbreakable identity,

Easy to handle is the prerogative,

They give out lot of reaction destructive.


Touch not  the plastic ware with your  hand,

They are symptomatic of hazards grand,

Levying man heavily affecting his gland,

Lying inordinately on land spoiling its band,




(Save the Environment)