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Diet————A Direction

Diet is a factor in essence

causes a fitness to the whole

lends an immunity to the body

a well-being to the entire system

being conscious of the diet

makes you a healthy person

strong and sufficient in strength

lively and mobile  in all terms

a regular one rich in iron and calcium

one with vitamins and oxidants

be it a simple one but wholesome

the form of oats, rice and cereals

splattered with fruits of all kinds

mustered with vegetables of all varieties

along with the dairy products to supplement

milk, cheese, butter and ghee

might also include meat, beef and fish

pork and chicken to add with

along with eggs and others

I might go astray in those not vegetarian

have been not familiar with them

they too contribute to the welfare

though lately they are considered unnecessary

apart from restricting them

a total abstinence from alcohol

a refrain from smoking

would take one a long way in prosperity

a trouble free life in general

of course with bouts of cold and fever

not much more than that

every human is prone to such ailments

a watch on diet keeps you hale and healthy.