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The Discriminations Of Quarter.

Quarter has lots of shelter

It shows in fours as an alter.

Quarterly results have volumes to infer.

The quarters are lovely decipher.


The quarter of the world is land.

The rest is water in eternal grand.

One quarter of the world has light in hand.

The next  quarter has night in brand.


The first quarter of the year takes rapid stride.

Mild set back settles in the next quarter’s ride.

Followed by fatigue in the third quarter’s side.

Finally the last quarter seeks a hide.


Quarter professes a sluggish demeanour.

It  induces a slight intoxication in the behaviour.

This specific fraction is bereft of grandeur.

As it has no gusto in the life’s reservoir.



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As You Grow Old

The wrong side of fifties is taking its toll,

Once a  gentle walk is now  a tottering fall

 Once a  strong determination is now  a frailty,

Once a powerful memory is now  a forgetful folly,

Once a force to reckon is now a powerless weakling,

Once a reservoir of ideas is now an empty lurking,

Once a cynosure of all eyes is now an eyesore,

Once an affable synergy is now a tough bore,

Years role out in spectacular speed,

Stealing the lovely charm indeed !