Fractions In Task

Fractions go to heights

with the way being tight

the proper fractions  seem good

with the numerator being less

and the denominator rising high

along with improper ones

where the top number is greater

and the bottom is smaller

with the mixed  tones

feeling the top being heavy

boggle the child’s mind

as well as the adult’s brain

revealing a   fun

that be good for those

with a mathematical inclination

but be a task severe

for the one with  numerical aversion

being a necessity for calculation

the mastering takes place with a determination

it being a science required greatly

for the understanding of life’s need

bordering on the material  wealth

that form the fundamental of maths-fractions living

as noted without money in hand

the survival would go in a disband

becoming a mockery of sort

leading to penury  in short






Actions Experience feelings learning Lesson Life Poem reason


It was a fraction.

It was a simple fraction.

It had a solution.

It was an easy solution.

Lo! it evaded a resolution.

Is it because I lost reason?

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The Discriminations Of Quarter.

Quarter has lots of shelter

It shows in fours as an alter.

Quarterly results have volumes to infer.

The quarters are lovely decipher.


The quarter of the world is land.

The rest is water in eternal grand.

One quarter of the world has light in hand.

The next  quarter has night in brand.


The first quarter of the year takes rapid stride.

Mild set back settles in the next quarter’s ride.

Followed by fatigue in the third quarter’s side.

Finally the last quarter seeks a hide.


Quarter professes a sluggish demeanour.

It  induces a slight intoxication in the behaviour.

This specific fraction is bereft of grandeur.

As it has no gusto in the life’s reservoir.



Fraction Mathematics

Fractions And Decimals

Looking around   the class  room,

A little one sees signs and letters,

The sight sends her to a state of gloom,

As  if they hold her in tethers.


She loves to see little flowers,

Likes to hear lovely rhymes

Wants to play  out of the towers,

Longs to dance  to the chimes.


The call  of numbers make her tired

The fractions keep her  morose,

The intricacies leave her  on board ,

As she has to slog overdose.


The decimals confuse her still,

As she misses to place them  in the right digit

Solving problems break her will,

So she withdraws in a frigid.


This preliminary skill elicits a technique,

To solve not only mathematics,

Also to cross check the life’s  streak,

In a sequential  geometric.


The little girl will  master slowly,

The fractions and decimals  in a spree,

As she grows up ideally,

To grab the intensity in a glee.