Allowing Water To flow.

Fully diluted the drink  becomes  insipid

though it is warm and tepid

the taste is not so loving

as it would have been filling

if let go concentrated.



Diluting anything for a purpose

have to serve many in a suppose

turns the drink absolutely tasteless

giving a  feeling of discard  not less

if that  goes for a crowd.


Be that for a drink on the whole

there to raises a policy  in the roll

that has to  be implemented as such

dissecting it and diluting it  as much

if that has to suit the stance.


As found in policies in general

there we go to the issues in final

where decisions are to be resolute

allowing waters to flow  and dilute

if that has to work not so well.


The salvation lies in reaching the core

never attach to the fore

when the solution has to be tangible

give no room to anything  in a ramble CT  CT met-apple-jiuce-P1-1202 MJW

if the resolution has to find light.






Desire Ushers A Follow.

Falling back into the track
slowly with a slack
pushing the issues in the back
getting ahead in a crack.

Liking to set eyes on the going
Harness the potential in a buoying.
Learning to note from the ongoing
Trying to keep pace with the moving.

With the desire comes the follow
without it all would become hollow.
then it would appear like a shallow
and sink into the oblivion far below.

Along with the follow enters the dedication.
It calls for a straight intervention.
Working hard on the directions
it draws an inimitable resolution.desire

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Passion- A Cry

passion for writing
Passion calls for attention all times.

Its craving never ceases most times.

It is never deigned as  a pastime.

It conforms  daintily with all times.


As passion assumes the form of duty

it surpasses all norms of beauty.

As passion becomes duty

it equips itself with scrupulous bounty.


The cry for passion is never alone.

It originates not from the forlorn.

The said cry is never a moan.

It is heard forever in the diligent tone.


Passion lingers in the area of decision.

It stands firm in times of recession.

Passion walks hand in hand with resolution.

Charting out a natural evolution. 











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It was a fraction.

It was a simple fraction.

It had a solution.

It was an easy solution.

Lo! it evaded a resolution.

Is it because I lost reason?

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An Ode to Behaviour

It is called as a obstinacy,

It is termed as pride,

It is referred as exclusiveness,

It is summed up as withdrawal.


Whatever it may be observed,

A certain resolution is apparent,

A slight diffidence is felt,

A kind of aloofness is experienced.


Well, that looks interesting,

It is akin to a determined disposition,

It is similar to a non interventional distinction,

It is more or less a revered definition.


Likening it to a shining star is appropriate,

Alluding it to an embellishment is obvious,

Accepting it as a chaste demeanour is prudence,

Affliating it to a diplomatic policy is wisdom.


Calling it as adamancy is an intrigue,

Assailing it as high headedness is  a fallacy,

Deriding it as a behavioural enigma is callous,

Concluding it as a deviant measure is a disaster.


The attitude varies from person to person,

A sanguine perception is regarded high,

A non intrusive  temperament is found rare,

A sagacious discretion demands applause.