Insignificant I Be.

The detachment in me gets out of the spring

calling me with  a continuous ring

forcing me to get away from the swing

and recuse myself  from the worldly tinge



Aiming to get away and withdraw from the din

I keep myself from the clasping pin

estranging myself from the ordained grin

living a life of withdrawal much far from the  trashy bin


This has been the trend  for time I follow

but to my horror I hear someone bellow

with terms in lively green and yellow

putting me in a piquant  hollow.



The interaction that takes place all along

between me and others in a long

do not put me in a belong

making me uncomfortable and run a furlong.



The shell I am used to live

has become so narrow and not give

anything to anybody with a forgive

deemed be an exclusive state  without reprieve.


That being so from my birth

having been a being with  moderate mirth

wish to live the remaining days with a breath

as a being unknown and insignificant in earth.








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Day To Die

get awayRight from the age of thirteen
the sense to get away had been
slowly evolved into a theme
activating a solitude in the stream
inducing a refrain from the worldly
having captured a glimpse solemnly
of the powerful surging ahead
of the modest pushed to the red
having perceived the discrepancies
in the infringements of the agencies
having experienced the drawbacks
along with sordid refractory pull backs
the heart heaves with a long sigh
waiting for the day to die.

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An Ode to Behaviour

It is called as a obstinacy,

It is termed as pride,

It is referred as exclusiveness,

It is summed up as withdrawal.


Whatever it may be observed,

A certain resolution is apparent,

A slight diffidence is felt,

A kind of aloofness is experienced.


Well, that looks interesting,

It is akin to a determined disposition,

It is similar to a non interventional distinction,

It is more or less a revered definition.


Likening it to a shining star is appropriate,

Alluding it to an embellishment is obvious,

Accepting it as a chaste demeanour is prudence,

Affliating it to a diplomatic policy is wisdom.


Calling it as adamancy is an intrigue,

Assailing it as high headedness is  a fallacy,

Deriding it as a behavioural enigma is callous,

Concluding it as a deviant measure is a disaster.


The attitude varies from person to person,

A sanguine perception is regarded high,

A non intrusive  temperament is found rare,

A sagacious discretion demands applause.