Infinite Seen.

The infinite  stares at you

stunning at  you at times

smiling at you on occasions

stabbing you during periods

an intervention dark and deep

that has to be faced

could never be avoided

as its presence is omnipotent

calling for immediate attention

casting a  glory and gloom

all at the images (15) same time




Actions concept feelings Poem withdrawal

Day To Die

get awayRight from the age of thirteen
the sense to get away had been
slowly evolved into a theme
activating a solitude in the stream
inducing a refrain from the worldly
having captured a glimpse solemnly
of the powerful surging ahead
of the modest pushed to the red
having perceived the discrepancies
in the infringements of the agencies
having experienced the drawbacks
along with sordid refractory pull backs
the heart heaves with a long sigh
waiting for the day to die.