The Dress.

A way to dress

as occasions demand

simple and pressed

the best in stand

decent and modest always

never gaudy and provocative

mild designs  stitched appropriately

disciplined and not reactive

never an eyesore but eye-catching

extends a respect  and admiration

could win over hearts in full

a  really reliable mode of conduct

found in the attire you darn not dull

as  a dress makes half the person

the rest, of course.dress. is the behave and intellect.


The Cheer And Drear

The distinction I see

while I go past the border

the two countries they be

very similar in order

people of multi races

whites, blacks and reds

lands almost the same in base

vast and varied in a sense

the one looks so fresh and fine

the other tired and withered

the cheerful almost now in a shine

the dreary already in troubled waters

as the finance seems  to exert pressure

the employment being not a glitter

the whole nation seems to be in a fissure

Well! the” big brother”  has become old

not ancient as most lands of the world

been fully spent and in fatigue untold

the country that remained modest and bold

now glimmers with a glow not too gaudy

 trends to be healthy and steady

a difference I could behold in all dimensions

seen through as in all infusions.


A Requisition Humble.

A school run for the deprived

where children come from background

a wee above the poverty line

yearning to learn more

not getting the best

as finance restricts their skill

locations kill their spirit

a upliftment is the need

a recognition is the criteria

Well, anybody out there

willing to help me

as i am running a school

with government aid  in a rural area

located in the most inner pockets

lying in the Southern part of India

away from possible motivation

let me know at the earliest

am I stretching it far

if so pleaserunning ignore my plea

if not try  please help me

with ideas and kits

with books and play things

whatever you might extend

would be accepted with gratitude

not only from me

but from those children

who long for prospects

bright and cheerful.




Actions concept feelings Poem withdrawal

Day To Die

get awayRight from the age of thirteen
the sense to get away had been
slowly evolved into a theme
activating a solitude in the stream
inducing a refrain from the worldly
having captured a glimpse solemnly
of the powerful surging ahead
of the modest pushed to the red
having perceived the discrepancies
in the infringements of the agencies
having experienced the drawbacks
along with sordid refractory pull backs
the heart heaves with a long sigh
waiting for the day to die.

Actions desire Experience Interpretation Lesson

Fine Tuned.

modestyA modest event turned grand.

It was a show of a happy band.

Conducted with chaste austerity.

Relieved of unwanted  inhibitory.

Adhering to principles of discipline.

Breaking the prevalent indiscipline.

Proposing a cordial welcome.

Extending a warm decorum.

Weeding the undesirable associations.

Embracing the  required  convictions.

The hosts conducted a perfect show.

It was a quiet  programme in a flow.

Sequences  took place in a natural mode.

Leaving none bored.