The similarities strike.
The mother, daughter, granddaughter
the chain of evolution:
finds a coherence in relativity
assumes a coordination in depth.

An impact,
the mother and daughter,
look alike: a profile of the two
sets the tone.
The curve is exact. The mother shows a droop.
while the daughter displays an adroit.

An influence,
the character sends a signal. Relying on the virtual,
the unflinching courage emerges.
The junior is dashing.
The senior portrays a moderation. Perhaps,
mellowed by age and experience.

The gestures, as apparent, bear an emphatic likeness.
The cameo,
the way the older one engages: twists her two fingers
places them on her lips when pensive. Vivid in my memory
The younger one knowingly or unknowingly keeps alive
this tradition.
Amazed to find the grandchild sit in a similar posture.

The fingers placed over the lips resemble a mudra ,
a quaint, but a stylish abhinaya

Knowing both of them intimately, I am amazed.
The mother is dead and gone.
She comes back with a bang through her daughter, who unassumingly
proliferates the maternal idiosyncracies.

Surprised to observe the semblance in the grandchild.

the genes are predominant.
This being,
an evidence supporting the genomes.


The Evolution

It is a new bloom

fresh from the womb

from a  mammal or a  botanical

a child in the offing

a plant from the seedling

called an evolution at large .


The new born as seen  initially

be  fresh,  fragile and cuddly

from a mammal or a botanical

somber and serene

lush as anything green

befits a perfect dream.


The process could be strained

would be possible in a terrain

from a mammal or botanical

fertile and positioned to hold

able to produce one of gold

delicious and delightful in a fold.



The evolution solicits a labour

eventual and focused in a favour

from a mammal or botanical

a procedure of great validity

leads one to a lively ingenuity

be that of a glazed fecundity evolution







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Creativity In Full Bloom.

creativityIt was an idea conceived long ago.
It was growing in stages more like a logo.
It got its shape sometime ago.
It was in the abstract form till little while ago.

The concept took shape in a slow phase.
It was then altered many a time to acquire a base.
The theme then was improved with a glaze.
The end product enticed everyone to a gaze.

The proportion was first set abreast.
The bigger one looked out of context.
The smaller one was away from the text.
The right size was arrived at last after a strenuous test.

The manipulations made the head reel.
The finality evolved a luxurious steal.
The fine touch ups took to the wheel.
The evolution inspired a magnificent feel.

The beautiful produce stole the limelight.
The glamour caught everyone’s sight.
The loveliness raised the excitement to a height.
The art piece might become a masterpiece with due rights.

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Passion- A Cry

passion for writing
Passion calls for attention all times.

Its craving never ceases most times.

It is never deigned as  a pastime.

It conforms  daintily with all times.


As passion assumes the form of duty

it surpasses all norms of beauty.

As passion becomes duty

it equips itself with scrupulous bounty.


The cry for passion is never alone.

It originates not from the forlorn.

The said cry is never a moan.

It is heard forever in the diligent tone.


Passion lingers in the area of decision.

It stands firm in times of recession.

Passion walks hand in hand with resolution.

Charting out a natural evolution. 











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It Should Pass

A day with lovely events has to pass,

As it gets dark,

The light sinks,

Night  descends.

The day passes.


A year with turbulence will pass,

As it sees outbreaks,

Of riots and diseases,

Political feuds  and economic recession,

The year passes.



A generation of people would pass,.

After experiencing hardships,

In personal and career,

In finance and life,

The generation passes.



Everything which has life has to pass,

It is an evolution,

It is a regeneration,

It is wisdom,

To allow all things to pass.



A civilisation has passed,,

After encountering ups and downs,

Through invasion and attacks,

Through years and centuries,

The civilization passes.