Fear in mind
kills creativity of any kind
stealing all find.Buddha-Under-a-Tree


The Creative Grandeur

Let be the creativity

 that embraces the infinity

 be it in verse or music

 it appears a mystic

 be it in art or sculpture 

 it mesemerises the spectator

 that creativity is not found anywhere

it being seen not in an ordinary ware

it being thoroughly exclusive in shine

looking exquisite and fine

the  creation be that of God or man

seen through the glasses of plan

there be a selective design and a uniformity

with the structure in all its dimensional credibility

there we see a great verse with a flow

an enchanting recital with a divine glow

a lovely painting that captures the eye

a beautiful sculpture  that forces a buy.

there lies the heart of creativity

be it in God or man  in all its nativity

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A Danseuse In Style.

Dancing to the tune

with an everlasting  smile

she went about in a shine.


It was a bewitching style

a captivating   bind

calling for an applause.


Agile in her  movements

nimble in  her footsteps

her  nuances  created a sensation


Received she an ovation

a standing one  great

making her famous overnight.kam2









The Ever Inquisitive Mind.

The creative mind is never at rest

always sets the ball in motion

might look as it is doing nothing

but really ideas get growing

with the mind almost all time pondering

figuring out artistic creations

either it be in writing or painting

or might be in architecture and artistic creatives

be them in wood ,clay, stone

diamond , gold and platinum


t might come from the humble straw

along with match sticks and iron

goes the creative process with great enthusiasm

left alone the music and dance

which crown the artistic creativity

with great shine and illumination

this wonderous procedure culminates

and crosses the pinnacle

with a voluminous fame and reputation

that  deliver a high sophistication

and renders a charming ebullience.


Unbound Creativity

The desire is unbound.

The thoughts go unrestricted

The ideas fly  unbridled.

The greed surges  vehemently

The talk goes on vivaciously.

Eloquence commemorates  gracefully

Nothing so far  is bound

till  the execution butts in unbound creativity

wherein comes the refrainment

where enters the postponement

where  commends the diffusion

where jumps the  reluctance

where unobtrusively crosses the deficit

that encompasses the money in all its glory

destroying the creativity  free and imaginative.




The First Round Of Creativity

Starting to write with crayons.
drawing lines and figures
the most creative of all
the wall being the canvas
resembling the paintings of Picasso
Colours splashed on the walls
lines going from up to down
from north to south
vertical, horizontal and crooked
all expressing the child’s feel.
With a giggle and a chuckle
he goes on with his project in glee
till his mother comes in a hurry
seeing the mess forcefully pulls child drawing  on the wall the crayon
scolding him for destroying the wall
takes him away in a fit of anger
and there ends the creativity
with a loud cry and intermittent sob.

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Creativity In Full Bloom.

creativityIt was an idea conceived long ago.
It was growing in stages more like a logo.
It got its shape sometime ago.
It was in the abstract form till little while ago.

The concept took shape in a slow phase.
It was then altered many a time to acquire a base.
The theme then was improved with a glaze.
The end product enticed everyone to a gaze.

The proportion was first set abreast.
The bigger one looked out of context.
The smaller one was away from the text.
The right size was arrived at last after a strenuous test.

The manipulations made the head reel.
The finality evolved a luxurious steal.
The fine touch ups took to the wheel.
The evolution inspired a magnificent feel.

The beautiful produce stole the limelight.
The glamour caught everyone’s sight.
The loveliness raised the excitement to a height.
The art piece might become a masterpiece with due rights.

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A Tribute To Creativity

creativityCreativity is beautiful.

Creating is  beautiful.

Creating with ideas is  beautiful.

Creating with taste is beautiful.

Creating  is a  choice beautiful.


Creativity is a gift  beautiful.

Found in few with an eye for beautiful.

Devolving out of thoughts beautiful

Delineated in the work most beautiful.

Making the creation very  beautiful.


Creativity  goes a long way.

Creating  treasures  along the way.

That stand the test of times all the way.

Installing monuments in words and things in the way.

Bequeathing a lovely glory to the future across the way.
















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The Rest Will Follow

It is a road less traversed,

Take it with a dare,

Get ahead of others if you can,

The rest will follow .


It is a thought out of box,

Work it out with a grasp,

Give it a distinct  frame if you can,

The rest will follow.


It is a peculiar choice,

Deign it with a confidence,

Give it a beautiful look if you can,

The rest will follow.


It is a special course,

Choose it with a desire,

Give it a progressive outlook if you can ,

The rest will follow.


The traditional  insight is great,

It also renders a monotonous  cheer,

Try to change it carefully if you can.

The rest will follow.





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This wonderful procedure,

Is a possible out growth of nature,

Resolutely  found in all creature,

Formidably a dominant feature,

Which holds every one’s rapture,

Which begets an impressive signature,

Which evolves a beautiful scripture,

  Thus  projecting  an excellent teacher.