humble Life Poetry

The Way He Flew—-Abdul Kalam

The island breathes proud of her son

the waves speak of his glory

the ocean heaves up and down not for fun

it mumbles with tales of hoary

the small boy with very little means

rose up beyond words

learning was his only asset by all means

wisdom took him above the world

showed no inhibitions whatsoever

Abdul kalamhumility was his wealth

children were the apple of his eyes ever

simplicity  was his strength

work was his  way of life and spirit

one day he went up the hills in the North East

addressed a gathering of students with intensity

the initial words came at their best

Lo! silence overtook him with great density

Abdul Kalam flew away with his “Wings of Fire” in earnest

he, much against his nature, has finally succumbed to rest.


A Throw With Zest.

The tadpoles and the frog

give a not so likely shrug

as to every other they are a bug

very much away from the tug.


With the distaste and ill will

we go about in  dislike  still

calling for frogs and tadpolesa unrequired bill

that remains crossly  in the fill.


With the hop and jump

the tadpoles come from dump

with the frogs looking plump

exposing in the middle a heavy bump.


As the duo pop out from the marsh

slapping the mud in strokes  harsh

croaking with a double tone  in bass

loitering about in a meandering cross.


Singing about frogs and tadpoles is rare

as they look unpleasant and bare

while none take a positive care

as the frogs and tadpoles are  not fair.


Being unattractive and looking not the best

they do not command any preference in test

as all nurture a great hatred  to them than the rest

they hastily  throw them out with a zest.





Mind And Body.

An exhausted body and mind together
yearned for a rest altogether
Being a remote possibility in this juncture
but a required action at the momentMyHealth_Sleep_excessSleepiness2
has to take place extending a pull out
from the rigour and vigour of life
taking to a place of rest and pleasure
where the body would get a nourishment vital
and the mind a refreshment much awaited
bringing in a harmony of the mind and body
to a working of great coordination and function.

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A Baby’s First Crawl

Lying down on his stomach ,

Looking around to check,

Pulling his legs to the fore,

 He fell down on the floor.


He got hurt to an extent,

He cried to his heart’s content,

Then attempted  again,

Alas ! he slipped in the bargain


He threw an angry look around

Stared in anger at the ground,

Shouted something in a loud voice

He stretched himself in a choice.


The baby became restless,

 He slowly dragged his legs breathless,

Steadied himself to a right position

He remained waiting for the next decision.


He suddenly  took a four-legged step,

 Moved his right leg in a forward pep,

The left one followed in a quick,

Architecting an advance like a trick.


The ruse went on for a little time,

It was like a poetic rhyme,

The crawl was with a rhythmic ease,

That brought no ridiculing tease.


It was fun  to see him crawl  for the rest,

It was for him a  highly priced test,

He had taken a move daring,

Is it not a praiseworthy sharing?











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The Rest Will Follow

It is a road less traversed,

Take it with a dare,

Get ahead of others if you can,

The rest will follow .


It is a thought out of box,

Work it out with a grasp,

Give it a distinct  frame if you can,

The rest will follow.


It is a peculiar choice,

Deign it with a confidence,

Give it a beautiful look if you can,

The rest will follow.


It is a special course,

Choose it with a desire,

Give it a progressive outlook if you can ,

The rest will follow.


The traditional  insight is great,

It also renders a monotonous  cheer,

Try to change it carefully if you can.

The rest will follow.