equanimity misconstrued Poetry rejection


My attempts get misconstrued

done with a whole heart

they go with a smile without intrude

as they  fly with a positive start

they  describe a long  face and displeasure

if they meet with a rejection and  a dislike.

Causes  entertain fissures  unseen

a break or a snap would  possibly  strike

acceptance  with equanimity is never seen

instead, accusations rise to the top

I blink and look around for support

knowing never will I  be backed up

it is not once or twice I go through this report

many a time I have experienced   this  back out

yet I extend my service to all throughout.attempt


A careless Step.

A careless step leads to a fall

which is an expensive call

with the claims very tall

causing a great  stall

releasing a drawl

exacting a haul.stock-photo-sprout-and-careless-step-the-nature-protection-concept-88765906






Feigned Cloak.

The insufficient behaviour found in men
The inadequacy of their performance.
The indecency expressed in their attempts.
The impudence shown in their activities
All these with holdings are not normal
they are not anything of the regular
but a feigned cloak over a defect
trying to hide the ineptitude
with a variant and degraded impressions
a kind of ruse to distract people’s attention
allowing them to concentrate on this eccentricity
than pinpoint the real folly and flaw lying down.insufficient behaviour


Right Away.

He prempts every time
Well that has been his skill
lending him support still
With that he went far into the depth
taking actions far ahead in stretch
spreading baseless rumours often
and filing cases and summons in tens.preempts
making others believe in his way
holding everyone’s attention in sway.
This had been going on for long
as he found none to oppose him strong
A day came when hos design were laid bare
with his manipulations brought a share
as they were filed in public by him
believing that his ruse would not be detected
Lo! it was found out in black and white
condemning him to the cell right away.

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Justifiable Argument.

debateArguments could be justifiable too,
if they rely on evidences true,
if they express righteousness in a slew,
if they earnestly demand fairness without a rue.

Arguing for a cause is a noble trial,
if they triumph over a faulty approval,
if they withstand a caustic referral,
if they represent a lofty ideal.

Basically arguing might be proactive,
if it is extended beyond the reactive
if it does not reflect anything subjective,
if it does not recall anything objective.

Arguments bring a controversy to an end,
if they are conducted without any interruptions,
if they reveal honourable interpretations,
if they record standard deviations.

Establishing the rights by voice is termed as argument.
Initiating a wordy dual to track the consequences is called as argument.
Entering into a debate to preserve the facts is dubbed as argument.
Serious personal involvement is baptised as argument.

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A Baby’s First Crawl

Lying down on his stomach ,

Looking around to check,

Pulling his legs to the fore,

 He fell down on the floor.


He got hurt to an extent,

He cried to his heart’s content,

Then attempted  again,

Alas ! he slipped in the bargain


He threw an angry look around

Stared in anger at the ground,

Shouted something in a loud voice

He stretched himself in a choice.


The baby became restless,

 He slowly dragged his legs breathless,

Steadied himself to a right position

He remained waiting for the next decision.


He suddenly  took a four-legged step,

 Moved his right leg in a forward pep,

The left one followed in a quick,

Architecting an advance like a trick.


The ruse went on for a little time,

It was like a poetic rhyme,

The crawl was with a rhythmic ease,

That brought no ridiculing tease.


It was fun  to see him crawl  for the rest,

It was for him a  highly priced test,

He had taken a move daring,

Is it not a praiseworthy sharing?