Actions Poem

One More trick.

With a disarming smile
with an open hand
with a kind look
the leader took
the babe in his arms.
Kissing him with love
placing a gift
on his chest
gave the child
to its mother.
Well, this is
one more trickchild.
to win the votes.

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Interest Calls.

The word is of great interest.

It is a delight when men show  interest.

 It is appealing when men  have limited  interest.

It is painful when men charge  abnormal interest.


Interest in things grows as such.

The feeling leads to a buy out as much.

 It dispels the fear  of the crunch.

Initiating a purchase in bunch.


Interest  on money accumulates so quick.

The lender plays a likely trick.

It assumes a stature of impenetrable thick.

Forcing the borrower to lick.

Interest plays the roles both.

It builds wealth  in  troth.

It eats up the fortune like a moth.

Condemning the borrower to froth.




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A Baby’s First Crawl

Lying down on his stomach ,

Looking around to check,

Pulling his legs to the fore,

 He fell down on the floor.


He got hurt to an extent,

He cried to his heart’s content,

Then attempted  again,

Alas ! he slipped in the bargain


He threw an angry look around

Stared in anger at the ground,

Shouted something in a loud voice

He stretched himself in a choice.


The baby became restless,

 He slowly dragged his legs breathless,

Steadied himself to a right position

He remained waiting for the next decision.


He suddenly  took a four-legged step,

 Moved his right leg in a forward pep,

The left one followed in a quick,

Architecting an advance like a trick.


The ruse went on for a little time,

It was like a poetic rhyme,

The crawl was with a rhythmic ease,

That brought no ridiculing tease.


It was fun  to see him crawl  for the rest,

It was for him a  highly priced test,

He had taken a move daring,

Is it not a praiseworthy sharing?












Wondreful mechanism.

Market volataity is unprecedented.

Hot money is playing truant.

Commodities have been pushed up by deploying  the bout of fresh currency.

The sudden withdrawal has let oil limp.

We see the stocks rise.

Oil’s  retreat is perceived as an answer to the law of supply and demand.

The conception therefore is there is less demand for oil and more production.

India and China are the primary consumers.

We see no fall in their demand.

The economy slowdown  in U.S is another vital element  that is pulling the prices.,argue the market pundits.

U.S is bleeding.

U.S. economy is in disarray,

The slump in oil price is  due to clever scheming and dirty tricks.

This manipulation is the brain child of U.S.