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Thick Skin

I like to be criticized.
it is criticism all the way
that has allowed me to stay
could be from a learned on
that gave me a footing in tone
could be from an illiterate person
extended a humiliation for no reason.

People find joy in hurting others
they talk softly with a touch of a feather
inflict a strong hurt in their course
their remarks come with a force
unable in a way to accept
they never at any cost regret
cause a turbulence in the mind of the receiver.

This is not new to me at any time
criticism is the second of my being
always had been at the receiving end
never do I attach importance to this trend
as a child and as an adult
now as a senior, the scorn in fact
has no impact on my thick skin.thick skin

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The Wall

berlin wallgreat wall of china.Nothing could pass through
as the partition was thick .
Nothing could pass through
as the division was in brick.
Nothing could enter through
either physical or abstract
as the passage was guarded
with the best available track.

The wall real or imaginary
is an obstacle for promiscuous revelry.
The wall serves as a fortress
against ill will and theatrical largess
The wall would outbeat the Berlin Wall
in its eloquence and in grandeur tall.
The Great Wall of China would play a second fiddle
to the wall raised in mind and heart looking like a riddle.


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Interest Calls.

The word is of great interest.

It is a delight when men show  interest.

 It is appealing when men  have limited  interest.

It is painful when men charge  abnormal interest.


Interest in things grows as such.

The feeling leads to a buy out as much.

 It dispels the fear  of the crunch.

Initiating a purchase in bunch.


Interest  on money accumulates so quick.

The lender plays a likely trick.

It assumes a stature of impenetrable thick.

Forcing the borrower to lick.

Interest plays the roles both.

It builds wealth  in  troth.

It eats up the fortune like a moth.

Condemning the borrower to froth.