A Brick

A brick is

lying on the bin

possibly from a building

that would have rocked with din.


The brick has become a trash

discarded from the demolished structure

that surely would have been a bash.


The brick has lost its stature

fallen from the debilitated  edifice

that  would have had a significant feature.


The brick is left in the  rubbish

possibly a part of a  historical monument

that would have been very stylish.


So be the destiny of the brick

once at the height of glory

now  dead without any tick.


Could be said not only of the brick alone

be that of anything men and matter

being forced  to resign in a forlorn.





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The Wall

berlin wallgreat wall of china.Nothing could pass through
as the partition was thick .
Nothing could pass through
as the division was in brick.
Nothing could enter through
either physical or abstract
as the passage was guarded
with the best available track.

The wall real or imaginary
is an obstacle for promiscuous revelry.
The wall serves as a fortress
against ill will and theatrical largess
The wall would outbeat the Berlin Wall
in its eloquence and in grandeur tall.
The Great Wall of China would play a second fiddle
to the wall raised in mind and heart looking like a riddle.