A Throw With Zest.

The tadpoles and the frog

give a not so likely shrug

as to every other they are a bug

very much away from the tug.


With the distaste and ill will

we go about in  dislike  still

calling for frogs and tadpolesa unrequired bill

that remains crossly  in the fill.


With the hop and jump

the tadpoles come from dump

with the frogs looking plump

exposing in the middle a heavy bump.


As the duo pop out from the marsh

slapping the mud in strokes  harsh

croaking with a double tone  in bass

loitering about in a meandering cross.


Singing about frogs and tadpoles is rare

as they look unpleasant and bare

while none take a positive care

as the frogs and tadpoles are  not fair.


Being unattractive and looking not the best

they do not command any preference in test

as all nurture a great hatred  to them than the rest

they hastily  throw them out with a zest.





The Little Pond.

The little pond round
full of water brimming
with lot of fish swimming
and lot of frogs hopping
having a myriad of plants around
and the lilies white and red
blooming across in a colourful swarm.
They cast the shadow on the waters
presenting an amazing picture
of prosperous growth
animated by the visual effects.
The pond lies in the center of the village.
being a source of water to the people
and a resourceful place for lovers
while the fisherman catches fish
the bees buzz around the flowers
sucking the sweet nectar
and inducing a pollination all through
with the promotion of growth in the land.
The frogs croak and the tadpoles jump
in and out of the water
presenting a lively action
making on experience the geniality of nature.lilies

Actions Environment Poem

Go Green

It was a pool
so very cool
breeding frogs and tadpoles
all in a gathering hole.

The water is blue
and it reflects true
the colors in a hue
creating a grand flew.

the tadpoles jump
as though in a trump
then they slump
falling near a pump.

The hyacinths in the pool
float in the water cool
presenting a portrayal
not akin to a betrayal.

Well,the pool and its organism
enliven the environment in a realism
going with the solgan
go green in the run,.