peaceful Poertry

The Fish

The fish does not sleep
could that be true?
I sit there and peep
into the waters blue
see them swim through
never could find them in sleep.

Why is it so? I keep thinking
how could any living being
survive the days without sleeping
it is but the way the fish live
close not their eyes in a dive
a strange behaviour hard to believe.

The fish is known to be peaceful
its eyes blink through the days in full
its movements are lively and gleeful
nice to watch its swim all through
right in the oceanic


A Fish in an Ocean

Right across the ocean
there lived a fish alone
it swam in a portion
with a very happy tone
nurtured no notion
slept soundly in peace
until a tsunami swept
the ocean into pieces
the fish helplessly wept
seen no more in less.



The Fishing Fish

The fish known for its softness

glides through the river in a distance

glimmering beautiful with rays falling

The movements of the fish being keenly watched

displaying a perfect momentum endorsed

a speed gentle and graceful.

Looking at its float in the rustling waters

going about in a timely sequence in rhythmic quarters

releasing a pleasure all too extensive.

The sleepy eyes exhibit a gentle kindness

benign and appeasing they stray with a tenderness

spreading a placid sobriety.

Calm be they in their composure

Peaceful they slip into the wavy treasure

Heavenly it is to perceive them.



The Capture

The stream flows over
ebbing and etching out
with the fish climbing over
jumping and hopping out
while the birds come flying over
descending in a slow move all out
as the tide goes up and down
so do the fish go in and out
the birds look straight  down
trying to catch their bait out
attempting once or twice with a frown
they capture the fish all in a  slow down
with that done they fly into the clouds.

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Hooked At Last—Allegory

It is a wait
a long wait
for the bait
down the river.

the hook is sharp
very sharp
to catch the carp
down the river.

The net is large
too large
let from the barge
down the river.

The boy is small
tiny and small
waiting for the call
down the river.

The download (13)carp bites the insect
a wee like insect
then dives down in an intersect
down the river.

It comes up again
again and again
gets hooked at last
goes away from the river.


The Self Conscious Ocean.

Roaring all days
the mighty blue ocean
goes up and own
one time in fury
another time gently
dashing towards the shore
getting across in a wink
receding to the ocean
kissing the shores with a hug
which looks like an embrace once
and which appears as a strangle in another.
The ocean ‘s roar grows in sound
and velocity according to times
getting over the hills and mountains in anger
and caressing the land in a happy mood.
With the ships carrying men and goods
plying down the seas to the other part of the world.images (66)
With the fisherman throwing the nets
attempting to catch a sprawl of fish
With the whales swimming deep
overturning the boats and ships
and small fish rushing here and there
wanting to escape from the whales and men.
The ocean goes on roaring and flowing
unperturbed by rain or storm
by heat or drought – a self-conscious worker.


The Little Pond.

The little pond round
full of water brimming
with lot of fish swimming
and lot of frogs hopping
having a myriad of plants around
and the lilies white and red
blooming across in a colourful swarm.
They cast the shadow on the waters
presenting an amazing picture
of prosperous growth
animated by the visual effects.
The pond lies in the center of the village.
being a source of water to the people
and a resourceful place for lovers
while the fisherman catches fish
the bees buzz around the flowers
sucking the sweet nectar
and inducing a pollination all through
with the promotion of growth in the land.
The frogs croak and the tadpoles jump
in and out of the water
presenting a lively action
making on experience the geniality of nature.lilies

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Shelter in Twelve Lines.

Looking for a shelter is a drive.
It goes with all the five.
To man it is an arrive
which lends a thrive.
To animals it is a strive
which protects them from harsh deprive.
To birds it is a hive
which extends a warm survive
To those under the sea it is a dive
which makes them float for a revive.
To others it is a strong derive
which indicates them that they are alive.

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Once Upon A Time

There was a lovely pond,

Full of water and fish,

The ducks traversed in a bond,

Quacking all the way with a wish,

Water lilies and lotus bloomed beautifully,

The children played around merrily,

One fine day the pond was drained,

Sand was dumped to make it plain,

The pond took the shape of a big ground,

The land value was  zealously found,

Buildings came up in  scores,

Offices started operations in full force,

Thus the pond lost its serenity overnight,

It is an illustration of greed in sight,

It is money that looks  highly grand

All other things are forgotten in this land.






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Locked in the North

It is a sleepy lethargic laid back town,

Amidst a land of  sandy brown,

Holding a wonderful  delicate crown,

Displayed  in the bluish under water frown,

A  voluminous  natural  great reef barrier  grown,

Clusters of colourful corals  diligentlyy thrown,

Lying in heaps and mounds not alone.


Fish and sea urchins live along,

Sea cucumber and star fish   dive head long,

Jelly fish sting with a venom not too long,

All jointly devour the moss with a tong,

Causing a damage to the great reef all along,

Unperturbed the Ocean reef sprouts in a throng,

Not losing the lovely charm in a song.


It is Australia’s natural gift, all hail,

The only living thing  seen from space  in a trail,

Greater than the “Great Wall Of China”  in the sail,

A “mecca” to holiday makers is  a slogan   frail,

Therein lies an abundance of beauty  as though in a pail,

Hundreds of islands and coral reefs  are hinged together  in a nail, 

It is Cairns high up in the northern Queensland  posing an enticing  unveil.