The Grass Roots.

The little grass seen over there
dazzled with dew drops on its blades.
The green and silvery hue over there
set a picture of a lively glade.
The grass knew not it is going to be razed down
as a man was moving to the spot to cut it in haste.
The sprightly grass became nothing exposing the ground brown.
The grass lay down in heap assuming the expense of waste.
Nay, it did not lay thee for long under the sun
as a cow ,which was loitering around,grass-in-the-flower-bed0000 seeing the grass
walked towards it and started munching it with great fun.
With that the grass vanished from sight in a flash.


The Little Pond.

The little pond round
full of water brimming
with lot of fish swimming
and lot of frogs hopping
having a myriad of plants around
and the lilies white and red
blooming across in a colourful swarm.
They cast the shadow on the waters
presenting an amazing picture
of prosperous growth
animated by the visual effects.
The pond lies in the center of the village.
being a source of water to the people
and a resourceful place for lovers
while the fisherman catches fish
the bees buzz around the flowers
sucking the sweet nectar
and inducing a pollination all through
with the promotion of growth in the land.
The frogs croak and the tadpoles jump
in and out of the water
presenting a lively action
making on experience the geniality of nature.lilies

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A Therapy Unknown

The mind is bare of thoughts,

The writing seeks for words,

An uneasy gusto retraces ,

A little pity seeps up,

What to write and what not?

Often it recurs with a flash,

The desire to write surfs up,

Quelling the mind’s stubbornness,

I write, i write,still to keep me going,

As it is a therapy that keeps me active.