The Adamancy.


The child in us all
showing itself in the desire for all
raising up in the form of adamancy in the thrive
that be the firmness in the likings with a strive
the feel of stubbornness going up with the age slowly
the intention to acquire increases gradually
the thought gains momentum as days go by
while the need or necessity takes the back seat in the try
the only aim is to get it by hook or crook anyway
that again proves akin to the childlike craziness in a way
with the feverish move there goes an attempt frivolous
which annihilates the reason and analysis almost rebellious
the mulish attitude grows with a zeal tumultuous
therein we find the grown ups as little boys in their glee.

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A Therapy Unknown

The mind is bare of thoughts,

The writing seeks for words,

An uneasy gusto retraces ,

A little pity seeps up,

What to write and what not?

Often it recurs with a flash,

The desire to write surfs up,

Quelling the mind’s stubbornness,

I write, i write,still to keep me going,

As it is a therapy that keeps me active.