Unbound Creativity

The desire is unbound.

The thoughts go unrestricted

The ideas fly  unbridled.

The greed surges  vehemently

The talk goes on vivaciously.

Eloquence commemorates  gracefully

Nothing so far  is bound

till  the execution butts in unbound creativity

wherein comes the refrainment

where enters the postponement

where  commends the diffusion

where jumps the  reluctance

where unobtrusively crosses the deficit

that encompasses the money in all its glory

destroying the creativity  free and imaginative.




The Bound.

Conflicts and confrontations abound.
Attachments and sentiments rebound.
Anger and apprehensions are inbound
Happiness and contentment are outbound.
Man knowingly or unknowingly lays the bounds.
Keeping himself within the circle of bounds
paying more than what is necessary of the bound.
releasing an unpleasantness within the bound.bound

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The World Moves On.

The world still moves on.

There was a sunrise in the morn.

There are many new-born. 

The horses neigh in the barn.

 The birds sing in the dawn.


The earth revolves around.

There is a lot of sound.

People walk around.

There seems to be no bound.

As all things are in order in the ground.


There is no sign of devastation.

Not even a specific exasperation.

It is but a regular situation

where there is liveliness in elaboration.

Easing out all  tensions  in a quick invigoration