The Defeat And Triumph

The back ground being serene 

the forefront being jubilant

there be a contradiction

there existed a vie a confrontation

between the external and the internal

the outwardly show gleaming and glittering

the inward struggle caressing and  pressing

there always be a distinction between the front and back

a difference between the interior and exterior

that being apparent in the real and the fake

there goes the great shadow fight

that ends up with the truth overcoming the lies

after much of a defeat in the initial

but getting overwhelmed by triumph  in the end

that be the essence of truth in the  vigorous sense,external vs internal


The Bound.

Conflicts and confrontations abound.
Attachments and sentiments rebound.
Anger and apprehensions are inbound
Happiness and contentment are outbound.
Man knowingly or unknowingly lays the bounds.
Keeping himself within the circle of bounds
paying more than what is necessary of the bound.
releasing an unpleasantness within the bound.bound