An Ease.

The day begins
 being eight in the morning
a hurried breakfast
 and a dash to the workplace
 as been the way all times.
Away from it now
 it is, all the same,
 be it eight or nine.



The Poetic Muse

The poetic muse lives far away

beyond one’s reach in a way

being intangible all the more

elusive like a mirage  even more.


When it comes into hold

would allow you to unfold

passionate you would turn

the incitements would burn.


Being possessed  by the muse

you could easily play the ruse

the words and emotions intertwine

the pun and parody keep the shine.


The poetic muse lies far away

beyond anyone’s reach in a way

the gifted could reach it with ease

others would remain with  a tease.






go know. Poetry tread

The Activities Slow Down.

Up and down

I go

not with a frown

I bow

forward and backward

I shuttle

never in a wayward

I buckle

before  in great speed

I went.

of late in  a slow walk

I tread.

yet  in  the pace

I move

a  change is there

I know

will go on till the end

I am sure.aging wit ease


Age Picks up.

Met a lady a few months back
from an origin distant
naturalised with years
now in her ripe age
who had hitherto
been a practitioner
of local customs
as she had got married into
an unknown family of distinct culture
she in her active years was
a stickler to the conventions
as age is picking up
hasKerala woman by now gone back
to her native dress
comfortable in her attire
at home to speak her own language
looks as though she finds
a solace and ease all through
implies that whatever might be
the home is always sweet and close.


Thorn In Flesh

The thought of inconvenience 

and the feel for convenience

runs deep in my heart

not causing trouble to others

not allowing to be troubled by others

might sound not pragmatic to mos

but that be put to test

would make me a stiff contender

perhaps would be the best defender

as I pursue the policy straight

never deviating to left or right

initiating a sensitiveness

that of great decisiveness

never being a thorn inimages (41) any one’s flesh

but be a flower tender all over the mesh

never trying to prick them insensibly

but attempting to comfort them sensibly

that be my way all throughout

that might echo a bash in and out.




An Exercise.

Early in the morn 

it being an early dawn

with the silence all around

and a freshness in the ground

with  no sign of human sound

only  the barking of dogs in  a bound

sitting out in the garden

a place to unload the burden

talking to none  but to oneself

being a rare exercise by itself

which he  does with ease

making him free from any tease

rejuvenating  his memory well

keeping him agile in every cell.

None would like to follow

but  would be a sure allow

for all who talk so in the garden

without hurdles  in the flow.















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Introspections in a Song.

Circle-of-religionsThe mind is not at ease any longer.
It,at times, likes to wander.
it takes a selective route.
Initial round-up is across nature.
Where everything is a lovely feature.
The next sojourn is around human life.
Where every other thing expresses rife.
The final entry is into the realm of religion.
Where all things are controlled by strict instructions.
The mind slowly gets back to its abode.

Settling in its home it deliberates.
How does the universe go about? it is desperate.
Is it governed by some unseen element?
Does the element have form? the mind intersects.
How does it wields its power?the mind dissects.
Does it get an answer to its fullest satisfaction?
Never would it as there are innumerable reactions
in the form of different religions
Hinduism, Christianity,Islam ,Buddhism prevalent in various regions

Enlightenment Environment Interpretation Poem reason threat. True Wisdom

The World Moves On.

The world still moves on.

There was a sunrise in the morn.

There are many new-born. 

The horses neigh in the barn.

 The birds sing in the dawn.


The earth revolves around.

There is a lot of sound.

People walk around.

There seems to be no bound.

As all things are in order in the ground.


There is no sign of devastation.

Not even a specific exasperation.

It is but a regular situation

where there is liveliness in elaboration.

Easing out all  tensions  in a quick invigoration 













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The Distinctions Of Full

Full has a lovely gloss.

 So it is always a full toss.

Full leads across.

As it shows up in gross.


The flowers enchant  in full bloom.

They  instantly dispel gloom.

They look beautiful in a zoom.

Activating a fertile  boom.


The nightingale sings in full-throated ease.

Releasing melody from the cluster of trees.

The voice glides through as if it is a breeze.

Capturing everyone with a solemn appease.


The full moon shines bright over the night.

Illuminating the darkness with a white light.

The full moon in the black sky  is a glorious sight.

Enticing all with a charm bright.


Full size of anything is  amazing.

The fullness is  at times alarming.

Letting a feeling that is terrifying.

Endearing a crazy note  that is  mystifying.










Actions Anger Interpretation subscriptions thoughts True turmoil

An Uneasiness Prevails.

The ease winds up,

A struggle sets in,

The mind oscillates,

Anger mounts up,

The face turns scarlet,

The heart beats fast,

The body shakes in vigour,

Tears roll down,

Words fail,

It appears ferocious,

But it is nearly so,

It is a deep strain,

It is an alarming plight,

It is a terrific strife,

It is a trembling expectation.

Let us wait in patience.