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A Pullback

My heart sank to the deepest blue,

The  day’s events pulled me down true,

A shot of quick anger rose in a flew,

A drop of tear rolled down in a groove,

The heart stopped in a slew,

I buried my head in a dejection all through.


A few minutes later I got up with vigour,

Brushed aside the tear in a rigour,

Sidelined the events to a meagre,

Abated the fuming resulting out of trigger,

Rose up with a stature even bigger,

Resolved to emerge victorious with a glitter.



Actions Anger Interpretation subscriptions thoughts True turmoil

An Uneasiness Prevails.

The ease winds up,

A struggle sets in,

The mind oscillates,

Anger mounts up,

The face turns scarlet,

The heart beats fast,

The body shakes in vigour,

Tears roll down,

Words fail,

It appears ferocious,

But it is nearly so,

It is a deep strain,

It is an alarming plight,

It is a terrific strife,

It is a trembling expectation.

Let us wait in patience.