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A Pullback

My heart sank to the deepest blue,

The  day’s events pulled me down true,

A shot of quick anger rose in a flew,

A drop of tear rolled down in a groove,

The heart stopped in a slew,

I buried my head in a dejection all through.


A few minutes later I got up with vigour,

Brushed aside the tear in a rigour,

Sidelined the events to a meagre,

Abated the fuming resulting out of trigger,

Rose up with a stature even bigger,

Resolved to emerge victorious with a glitter.



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A Ravishing Splendour

The circle  of kith around me kills,

The fret around the circle hurts,

The feelings  revolving round the fret despairs,

The intensity doused in the feelings burns,

The froth emanating from  the intensity overwhelms,

The bubble  evolving from  the froth spills over,

The transparency  felt  in  the bubble snorts across,

The flame  seen   in the transparency  radiates,

The heat let out from the flame  scorches

The sensitivity of heat  scathes,

The numbness of the senses  destroys,

The pressure of the numbness  suffocates

The tolerance of pressure stifles,

The virtue of tolerance is blasphemous,

The ideal of virtue  nauseates

The sequence of ideals  disqualifies

The falter in the sequence  extracts,

The fall from the falter pains

The hurt from the fall   excruciates

Alas! What a ravishing splendour!