Poetry resolution thought.

An Expectation

An expectation  for long

has to be realized soon

could be a boon

a revelation  could that be

surfaces frim within

renders an untold satisfaction

an haven of recitiude

a graceful resolution

leaves the heart free

makes it revel and relish.

Poetry stoicism

First And Final Indeed

An expectation thereon
could become a reality
if the trend goes on
it would result in prosperity.

The wait is a kill
needs a tolerance
if one cannot be still
there would be a difference.

An endurance with patience
would bring glory
Well, then the sustenance
would never be sorry.

A stoicism would help
the resolute would succeed
so it should be a step
first and final indeed.o-MANAGING-EXPECTATIONS-facebook


The Day Breaks

The day breaks  with sounds great

 crackers add to the cheer

 flying up in the sky

 making a blast and a noise huge

heralding a brand New Year.


The year is  supposed to bring

innumerable joy and thrive

proposing a prosperity and drive

that be the expectations of all

as hope is the thing that makes up all.


Expecting so much from the download (18)new-born

stretching  too much from the nascent

being a great strain to the little one

yet  we get in the stream

enforcing  much part of our dream.


The year is another leaf

a new shoot from an old tree

performing as its predecessors

nothing more and nothing less

a simple equation indeed.


Taking that much in consideration

anticipating nothing more in suggestions

a plain acceptance of  this day as normal

helps us play a safe game

that of caution and restraint.




Help In A Song.

Help sometimes turns a fault

doing it as a service is a default

getting paid for help is wrong

as you can find it in this  song

singing about  help without expectation

be the best source of satisfaction

as helping for a cause on the whole

sends an immense pleasure in the fold

the thought of money should never be

nor does the reciprocal  come with a fee

as and when it is done forget it

never carry the thought in mind in a bit

go on your way as if nothing has been done

get the  help rendered help out of your mind  in turn

that be the cardinal you follow

never having anything in the allow.










The Future Holds.

That what is going to happen hold us with an anticipation.
We go to Tarot readers with an expectation.
We sit before the Parrot reader waiting for a prediction.
We rush to the astrologer for a detailed resolution
The future holds us with a fear and a bind.
Pushing us towards a thought in the hind
We unlock our dreams that lie in the mind.
The thoughts which cause a break from the line.
We, eager to get over and reach the top slot
go in circles, employ turns and plot.
The success is but minimal with little ingots.
Yet the future makes us live always with a task.
It forces us to odd-future_ned-flander_video live with a mask.

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All Things Together.

It was a wait, very long wait.

It was an expectation,  much expected.

It was  a desire,  most wished.

It was a thought, serious thought.

It was a solution, well solved.

It was a decision, carefully decided.

It was an inclusion, stealthily included.

It was a belief, strongly believed.

Well it was everything that comprised all things.


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An Uneasiness Prevails.

The ease winds up,

A struggle sets in,

The mind oscillates,

Anger mounts up,

The face turns scarlet,

The heart beats fast,

The body shakes in vigour,

Tears roll down,

Words fail,

It appears ferocious,

But it is nearly so,

It is a deep strain,

It is an alarming plight,

It is a terrific strife,

It is a trembling expectation.

Let us wait in patience.


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Head Or Tail

The coin flew up in the air,

All eyes got stuck in a glare,

Head cried the majority ,

Tail whimpered the minority,

The coin slowly landed in a glide effortlessly.


All hearts thumped  fast,

All eyelids fluttered  very fast,

The coin descended  slowly,

It fell on the ground very slowly.

It could be head or tail  obviously.


Lo! the coin was smudged badly,

No head or tail in it really,

The head got disfigured  in the damage,

The tail got erased   in the  rummage

It was a faceless coin. with no image.


The anticipation died down,

Every visage had a visible  frown,

That which arouses expectation more,

Falters in  disappointment all the more,

A bitter lesson hard to comprehend evermore.






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An Expectation

Will it happen?

Minds sharpen,

Awaiting the  final

Refuting the denial.


Will it not?

Hearts wrought,

Anticipating the conclude,

Which should never allude.



Furies cringe the  mind,

Tensions break  the bind,

Reasons mount high,

Desire  cries with a sigh.



OH! What will it be?

There arises a nervous plea,

As the head knocks down  crazy,

In a miserable   dizzy.



The catastrophe draws close,

There appears  a force,

That claims a consequence,

Of a sensible relevance.



It may turn out as you wish,

It may  pull away  so that you miss,

Take it with poise ,

Says the inner voice.