The Two Faced Man

He smiles at others
words fall like feathers
kind to his chosen friends
elegant in a trend
has two faces in all
the other one is a drawl
frowns at his wife
words stab like a knife
callous to selected kin
shouts and creates a din
he lives thus all through
his deal is without a clue.2 faces


The Future Holds.

That what is going to happen hold us with an anticipation.
We go to Tarot readers with an expectation.
We sit before the Parrot reader waiting for a prediction.
We rush to the astrologer for a detailed resolution
The future holds us with a fear and a bind.
Pushing us towards a thought in the hind
We unlock our dreams that lie in the mind.
The thoughts which cause a break from the line.
We, eager to get over and reach the top slot
go in circles, employ turns and plot.
The success is but minimal with little ingots.
Yet the future makes us live always with a task.
It forces us to odd-future_ned-flander_video live with a mask.