Vanity All The More


A girl in her teens
goes by her fashion
that of wearing everything short
glamorous she looks
with a beautiful face and blonde hair
her skin being so silky with no blemish
and her features looking sharp
she goes about with much fanfare
trying to attract all
that does not look decent
as it is typical of a stylish snob
let her be moderate in dress
with a dignified look and grace
she would win more hearts all along
than being so vanity personified.



A Danseuse In Style.

Dancing to the tune

with an everlasting  smile

she went about in a shine.


It was a bewitching style

a captivating   bind

calling for an applause.


Agile in her  movements

nimble in  her footsteps

her  nuances  created a sensation


Received she an ovation

a standing one  great

making her famous overnight.kam2









There Go The People.

The lure for the land plenty.
the desire to move to it
from the land of scanty
has knocked all in bits.

Endowed with richness
the land is an attraction
while there grows a denseness
the land left behindland of plenty is a detraction.

The intensity mounts to levels
as the exodus grows.
The density diminishes to levels
as the migration grows.

The proportion is not balanced
with the rise on one side
and the ratio is imbalanced
with the fall on other side.

The disparity is startling
as there is no equanimity.
It is but deviating
as there is no uniformity.

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Fancy Goes The Head.

It is a fancy number

adding up becomes nine.

It is a fancy colour

mixing up turns yellow in time.

it is a fancy show

displaying a variety in the stage.

It is a fancy thought

catching up everyone’s imagination.

It is a fancy thing

exposing a delightful attraction.

It is the fnciest fancy

that keeps one’s fancy in a prime.