That Be In Use

The table which hold the books

knows not to read.

The pen that writes for hours

lies dormant when not in use.

The machine that spins and makes yarn

turns rusty when not run.

The garden which is beautiful and lovely

loses its glamour when not tended.

The body which toils and endures

gets worn out with no care  proper.

The attention focused and affection great

hail a smooth performance to the  most

along with that comes an execution perfect.

Actions Poem


The commander called “Attention”
The battalion stood in tension.
The chief got a pensionattention

Actions Evolution Experience feelings Interpretation Poem

Fancy Goes The Head.

It is a fancy number

adding up becomes nine.

It is a fancy colour

mixing up turns yellow in time.

it is a fancy show

displaying a variety in the stage.

It is a fancy thought

catching up everyone’s imagination.

It is a fancy thing

exposing a delightful attraction.

It is the fnciest fancy

that keeps one’s fancy in a prime.





Actions Age Experience fatigue mind Poem Recollection thoughts turmoil

AS You Age

Age calls for attention.

There is less tension,

but more apprehension

commanding a revision,

controlling a deviation,

bringing in appreciation,

reviewing combinations,

assigning permutations,

accepting confrontations,

announcing celebrations,

expecting an invitation,

to depart.