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Turn The Table.

Turn the table

a categorical expression

means a lot  if thought  intense.

Table is turned

a convenience literally

the space and the wish matters.

Table is turned

a convenience in a way

shift the blame and game with ease.

Turn the table

with a bang strong

you win though in a wrong.

Turn the table

with a tact smart

again you win the game subtly.

Turn the table

with deceit and anger

you might win the game thereto.

Turning  the table

holds you not for long

as your treachery surfaces slowly.

A moral we learn

a literal turn is yours,flipping_all_the_tables_by_nekoshiba-d570fy2 no issue

a planned turn lets you down.


Recipe With Enzymes Indulged

Recipe come across with enzymes indulged
going on to the table ,itself an ornamental presentation
laid with dressing and sophistication
looking sumptuous and lovely
gleaming with glory
the red telling about being hot
the green presenting a freshness
the yellow adding to the sobriety
the white talking about the purity
with the condiments adding to the flavour
the aroma enticing the appetite
with the love to eat and the huger to be appeased
the designs provoke a desire
with that there goes on a healthy, wealthy
with a pronounced grandeur and setting
being a feast to the eyes and to the palate



That Be In Use

The table which hold the books

knows not to read.

The pen that writes for hours

lies dormant when not in use.

The machine that spins and makes yarn

turns rusty when not run.

The garden which is beautiful and lovely

loses its glamour when not tended.

The body which toils and endures

gets worn out with no care  proper.

The attention focused and affection great

hail a smooth performance to the  most

along with that comes an execution perfect.


A Skid Just Now.

Had a skid just now

with my right leg going apart

the left leg holding firm

the leg going weak pushing   forward

hstriking  over a beautiful  table

which fell down with a bang

resuming  the  balance soon after

I stood aghast looking around

Alas! both my left and right legs

along with the table’s legs

got bruised over the fall

being human I cried with pain

Lo!  the poor table of mine

croaked and fell silent.

That being the stage now

having  injured my wobbling  legs

and having broken the table’s lovely legs

I stay mum groaning in silence

over the pain I incurred

purely  being the fault of mine

resulting out of carelessness

certainly an outcome of the  agitated mind

that has become almost frequent

stumbling and screaming

over nothing  and for (26)


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Nature Warns.

In the early evening I felt a shudder.

The chair rocked a while.

The table shook a second.

The building jolted  a minute.   

The head wobbled dizzy.

There was panic all over.


It was only the  day before.

It was a hot afternoon.

There was not even a breeze.

The tremor caught us unaware.

We were left gaping at the disaster.


The disaster was not heavy.

There were no casualty in the run.

There was no monetary loss in the trend. 

The people got evacuated for reasons known

The coastal area felt devastated expressing a frown.


The devastation was not physical to the core.

The scare was thoroughly profound all the more.

The apprehension was killing at the most.

The recollections were fearful foretelling a Tsunami

There was a deadly silence reminiscent of a melancholic sadness.

The desolation carried a reference of  lethal premonition.


The desolation started to overwhelm in magnitude.

The will to live was driving everyone in platitude.

Nature has its own way of signalling its motion.

It warns the people of their shortfalls.

Wittingly,we cause damage to her in our own way.

Destroying the environment morbidly.


Morbidly we throng the habitations in multitudes

Recklessly we contaminate the earth  committing destitute.

Avariciously we work on her for our benefit with self-conceit

Unmindful of her great discomfort and  terrible plight 

Patience has been her virtue for long.

Destruction has been our goal for too long.


Playing with Nature is dangerous,mind you

Kidding her virtuosity is harmful,beware.

Humiliating her is perilous,be warned.

She would suddenly break with a vengeance.

Throwing out and tearing  everything in a violence.