Memory And Forgetfulness

Nice to remember

nicer to forget

nice to have a memory

strong and valid

nicer to walk with a memory loss

beautiful and  happy.


Remembering  with a precision

be it in science and mathematics

need details to the minute

forgetting with a decision

be it in humanities and life

require  imagination to cope.


Memory being a qualitative feature

with the turn and a stroke

ever strict and into  a discipline

forgetfulness being a quantitative character

with the rush and a hush

ever flexible and into an attribution.


Could be much more claims and acclaims

for memory  on a  functional  strain

one of a meticulous  ensign

would be there of so much  reign

for forgetfulness on a regular  claim

one of a haphazard  deign.











forsake Poetry recognize.

The Memory Forsakes

It is a carelessness
dodges me now and then
Could it be of thickness
or could it be in the dense
both the mind and memory
leave me now for a break
I do not know what to do
without them in the take
I turn irrelevant in a show.

Well they ask with impertinence
how long could we serve you?
you have to practice diligence
and revert your due
please allow us to rest alone
without your intimacy
we would be better off in tone
away from your dependency.

I have become a despondent
not physical in an abrupt sense
not have a stick to support
nor an aid to alert my senses
my eyes are not with glasses
my abstract undergoes turns and twists
memory has deserted me long ago
the mind tries to wander around
with not a stick I stick to a logo.

The logo tells of the delirium
feverish in the mind and thought
what would be the optimum?
unknowingly I hasten to the slot
where I do not recognise myself
I sit there in the amiss for long
my eyes hover not with a focus
soon I would merge into a song.memory forsakes

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That be With The Age.

That be the age they say

the degeneration in a way

the physical deterioration

the mental disorientation

run simultaneously with a reference

almost  instantly without deference

before one could realize

the set back  has grown in size

the joints suffer in excess

the memory slips in a stress

there you are  in a hold

gracefully go with a fold

joyfully pass into the cloud

with saying nothing  aloud.



The Memory is Short.

The year going up to three hundred and sixty-five days
while the leap year having a day more
they roll on in no time as seen
great they seem to be when they begin
amidst shouts of Happy New Year
going demure when they wind up
with the heave and a sigh
saying with a displeasure
that another year has passed.

This being the charm of birth
and being the melancholy of death
when anything new and fresh dawns
there be a cheer and rejoice
both fading away from the arena
as quick as a wink in a shot
as the memory lasts not long
getting into the regular norms
that being the acceleration of the events.memory


Forgetful I Am

Of late I am succumbing to forgetfulness
thinking of something while doing another thing
has become a way of my life nowadays
that keeps me off the memory track now and then.
Once looked upon for strong memory
while my friends dubbed it as very cruel
now I am at the mercy of my memory
trying to recollect with lot of pains
but if I pass anyone who smiles at me
I proceed with a big grin and bigger nod
If some other comes near and talks
i am at a loss as my grin gives out very quickly.
I make up the whole thing pretending to know them
and talk generally about weather and place
thus escaping from the incorrigible forgetfulness
that has seized me in the recent days.FORGETFULNESS-1jpg


Counting And Checking.

counting  and checkingA day of going through accounts
with every penny being counted
every expense being entered.
Then adding them up together
checking the balance
finding variations in books
and in cash in hand
went on once again to total
tracking few errors
checked once again the cash
till not able to tally both
again started to add up
Oh! how many times I have to do
I really do not know
either I would have forgotten some transaction
or I should be a muff and dull headed
going wrong in basic additions.
Feeling greatly for memory loss
and lack of skill in addition .
With aging memory fails
learning too becomes an impossibility.


A Designed Holiday.

Going up the hills for summer
was the usual sojourn.
A full two months up the hills
lent a relaxation and build up in tone.
The sun rising among the hills
late in the morning silent and still
cast a picturesque gleam all over.
With tea gardens on either side of the house
and hills going up and down in scores
with the tea leaf pickers with the basket around
talking among themselves while working in the mound
the church bell ringing a little away
and the temple slokas coming down the aisle in a sway
while the school goers march down the hills in glee
with the bags of books and lunch
The day started with mirth all along
and the sun was in a pleasant mood not wrong
shining mildly all through the morn.
The noon is moderate with plenty of sunshine
and the estate work comes to halt during the dine.
The evenings are deemed to be of highest grace
Strolling out taking a pleasant walk in the race
inhaling the aromatic tea and passing through the green grass land
which sprawls across in huge stretches all over the land.
With the wild flowers in different colors bid you near
rather wildly in a mood buoyant and dear.
Walking through get a glimpse of houses down the hill
and also up the mountains where the lights fill
and shine like stars flickering now and then.
The night sets in and with that the sleep
Curling on the bed with the blanket wrapped
got into a peaceful slumber away from the hotadderley-guest-house plains.


The Memories.

Memories get ahead with the time.
They get into the oblivion in no time.
Till some do live in the mind
finding hard to get them out of the mind.

The lurking memories are somewhat pleasant
giving us a rush back decent.
Certain others deal with pain
as they harp on issues in strain.

These memories keep us alive
else we would be phantoms of believe
walking like ghosts in the world
with nothing to hold.

The thoughts of the past
send us a revival in a cast
gathering the events won the spot
enacting them on the mind slot.

Well, if memory fails all of a sudden
turning us into vegetables making us a burden
With that we have to live knowing nothing
and passing on soon into infinity as all other Shared Memories Imagethings.

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Memory in a Box.


memoryPreserving the memory in a box
that is not false,
which should hold a lot of thoughts
of good and bad equally poised,
interpreting in different sorts
as and when the need starts,
at a time condescending to the plots
more than a time dismantling the slots
to carry out deals of greedy ingots,
paving the way to a glamorous spot
creating a sensational wave absolutely hot,
presenting a grand scenario of a dedicated revolt
while achieving it after a generous bought
both in kind and cash all in a lot.
Well,memory remains intact in a box.

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As You Grow Old

The wrong side of fifties is taking its toll,

Once a  gentle walk is now  a tottering fall

 Once a  strong determination is now  a frailty,

Once a powerful memory is now  a forgetful folly,

Once a force to reckon is now a powerless weakling,

Once a reservoir of ideas is now an empty lurking,

Once a cynosure of all eyes is now an eyesore,

Once an affable synergy is now a tough bore,

Years role out in spectacular speed,

Stealing the lovely charm indeed !