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The Loss

Careless in all 
 there be not small
 there be all the great 
be it of any rate
 the loss not heavy 
 considered in the value 
 that of the sentiments 
 would bear an impact
could not be compensated 
 either by kind or cash
 that which is gone 
 is lost forever.





Counting And Checking.

counting  and checkingA day of going through accounts
with every penny being counted
every expense being entered.
Then adding them up together
checking the balance
finding variations in books
and in cash in hand
went on once again to total
tracking few errors
checked once again the cash
till not able to tally both
again started to add up
Oh! how many times I have to do
I really do not know
either I would have forgotten some transaction
or I should be a muff and dull headed
going wrong in basic additions.
Feeling greatly for memory loss
and lack of skill in addition .
With aging memory fails
learning too becomes an impossibility.

Blasts and After.

Had a scintillating start
in a most eventful day
while it was getting high
there was a blast
that brought a silence
a piquant silence
knowing not what to do
and from where it came from
there was a deadly inertness
and the program came to a halt.
People ran from one end to the other
dashing against each other
tumbling over one another
pulling the tables and chairs
upside down to a chaotic motion
speeding for their life
While there was a mad exodus
another blastFrench-Apartment-Building-Collapses was heard
and the building started to give way
cracking down and falling into crumbles.
There was a debris to clear up the next day
hoping no life loss would be ahead
as the first shot was a signal to clear off.
Anyhow there arouse an unpleasant feeling
and an expression of dismay and fear got headway
making one to lose faith in humanityon the whole.

Loss Imposed.

griefThe things around are in such glare
that my eyes get blind unable to stare.
Stare do I narrowing my eyes at the grandeur
that hangs on ebullient like the chandelier.

Things not trivial with lot of materials
cause a deep hurt and lead to an arterial
insufficiency that leads to an infraction
of both the mind and heart in a reaction.

Let it go and forget it say my friends
as though it is easy to go like the trend.
Going with Shakespeare I affirm
” No one can master the grief
except the one who has it.”

Why Do Men Cry?

When do men cry?
Do you know?
Yes, for reasons that might sound familiar.
They wail loud uncontrollably
while they experience a loss
either be it death of a loved one
or be it a wipe away of the bullion
They break down instantly
when they are beaten,
either by their coparceners to a finality
or by their competitors in validity.
They weep inconsolably
while they are overtaken
either by their rivals in the run
or by their friends for no fun.
They shed tears immediately
when they get infuriated
either by their inability to achieve the slot
or by their inefficiency to amass wealth in lots.
Men do cry and sob unashamedly
when they are condemned obnoxiously,
and when they are jeered derisively.
Men cry the most in panic
when failures strike them with a blow
and when non recognition pushes them away from the flow.
Knowing now why men cry
we have to generously give themmen cry a try.

Christmas Message.

christmas messageLove all said Jesus

nailed to the cross.

Love with not a cause

as it does not bring loss.

Love enforces  no clause

as it  exhibits no flaws.

Love  is bound by no laws

as it shines with a gloss.

Love exposes no moss

as it relies not on  toss.

Love  creates a lovely bondage   

Let this be the Christmas message

with prayers said with grace.