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Christmas Message.

christmas messageLove all said Jesus

nailed to the cross.

Love with not a cause

as it does not bring loss.

Love enforces  no clause

as it  exhibits no flaws.

Love  is bound by no laws

as it shines with a gloss.

Love exposes no moss

as it relies not on  toss.

Love  creates a lovely bondage   

Let this be the Christmas message

with prayers said with grace.











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A Moss

A clump of growth found in  grounds damp

Densely grown on trees and  plants in a clamp,

Covering the moist land and  wet swamp,

With a greenish slippery  stamp.



The moss is a dangerous species

A careless tread pronounces  a falling series

Its  spread is in an accelerated  treatise,

Endangering  the healthy growth in no ease.



It gobbles the  nutrients  in a startling speed

Making its parent body into a hideous   bleed

It mulls the sprouts to a shoddy  breed,

Confiscating a sickly  lead.


Evil gathers quickly and violently  like a moss,

Works up  in swift  succession against all toss,

Slamming good to a deadly cross,

Interpreting an irreparable    severe loss .


Moss  has to be nipped  early

To ensure a protected  site largely,

Evil has to be eschewed badly,

To enliven the society gracefully