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Christmas Message.

christmas messageLove all said Jesus

nailed to the cross.

Love with not a cause

as it does not bring loss.

Love enforces  no clause

as it  exhibits no flaws.

Love  is bound by no laws

as it shines with a gloss.

Love exposes no moss

as it relies not on  toss.

Love  creates a lovely bondage   

Let this be the Christmas message

with prayers said with grace.











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A Story Of The Ringing Bell

Bell  at the door rang loud,

After a few moments it bellowed,

A little later it shrieked aloud,

It was  absolutely  bold.


Bells  in the fire engine rang rapidly

After a few seconds they clattered  frequently,

A short while after they started off incessantly,

They  were entirely alarming irreversibly.


Bells in the school struck boldly,

A period   after they hummed softly,

A break  was announced distinctively,

They  were reminiscent of a pause regularly.


Bells in the church ring to call a communion,

Most times they greet the congregation,

Every time they remind the resurrection,

They are  a graceful voice of the incarnation.


The chiming of  christmas bells  bring cheer,

The ringing of bells recapture memories dear,

The musical bells elucidate tunes melodious  to hear,

Bells do also have rhymes and cadence remarkable  to care.