Jesus Is Born

Jesus being born
the stars in  the sky shone
proclaiming  a great event
telling all he be a savant
came to earth  to save all
who were about to fall
redeeming them from sins
lending them a life
full of bliss and mirth
love all and be kind to all
that be his message in a call
that be the day download (14)from ages
be termed as Christmas in all stages
the day he, Jesus Christ  came to earth
born to  retrieve the earth from dearth.

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Christmas Message.

christmas messageLove all said Jesus

nailed to the cross.

Love with not a cause

as it does not bring loss.

Love enforces  no clause

as it  exhibits no flaws.

Love  is bound by no laws

as it shines with a gloss.

Love exposes no moss

as it relies not on  toss.

Love  creates a lovely bondage   

Let this be the Christmas message

with prayers said with grace.