The Message Tone.

The incessant
message tone
the only sound
heard at times
in the night
feel a shudder
unwilling to stop
it continues
with a vibration
at intervals
has become
a constant
daylight and


The Invitation

Message sent all around

one lot has gone through the round

the other one on the ebb of moving out

the information has been passed throughout.


Message  been decked in a finery

the loveliest of cards in the itinerary

edges being of a golden hue

the fonts printed in a lovely blue.


The  talk of the town being the event

the invitation adds a charm different

the message and the print being applauded

the celebration  would be greatly lauded.


The invitation is just a message

does it need such a footage?

could be the thought of many including me

be it the outlook of  individuals being in the spree.


That much being said of the invitation

a notice could be put in a crude fashion

that too serves the purpose as well

again could be the presentation in a tell.retro-invitation-card-with-a-ribbon_23-2147510010






Jesus Is Born

Jesus being born
the stars in  the sky shone
proclaiming  a great event
telling all he be a savant
came to earth  to save all
who were about to fall
redeeming them from sins
lending them a life
full of bliss and mirth
love all and be kind to all
that be his message in a call
that be the day download (14)from ages
be termed as Christmas in all stages
the day he, Jesus Christ  came to earth
born to  retrieve the earth from dearth.

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Myriad Inclusions.

myriadA message it was

spreading peace and love.

A message it was

calling for unity and understanding.

A message it was

intending to bring cheer and comfort.

A message it was

inviting good will and harmony.

A message it was

rendering help and assistance.

A  message it was

looking out for happiness and joy.

A message it was

proclaiming  victory and triumph.

A message it was

expressed in poetic felicity. 

sent across during New year’s eve. 

A message that wishes

an unflinching attention.

A message that seems

to  be a gospel.

A message that pronounces

truth and reverence.

A message that reverberates

all throughout.








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Christmas Message.

christmas messageLove all said Jesus

nailed to the cross.

Love with not a cause

as it does not bring loss.

Love enforces  no clause

as it  exhibits no flaws.

Love  is bound by no laws

as it shines with a gloss.

Love exposes no moss

as it relies not on  toss.

Love  creates a lovely bondage   

Let this be the Christmas message

with prayers said with grace.











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Hot And Cold

Massages hot and cold relieve pain,

Tempers hot and cold alleviate complain,

Temperatures hot and cold bring rain,

Financials hot and cold diminish gain.




Food hot and cold increases  hunger

Drink hot and cold affects the singer,

Reply hot and cold indicates anger,

Love hot and cold  destroys the amour.



It is hot and cold ,

That works bold,

It is hot and cold,

That forces  fold..