The Coin is Tossed

The coin being tossed

head or tails in a shot

either one would fall

well, that is everyone’s call.


The coin plays a role

keeps all in a fold

not only  while tossing

also in the  crossing.


Heads would bring joy

the tail is less joy

a belief from  the time long

not to dissipate it  in this song.


Up go the coin in a fly

all eyes go with it in the try

comes down with the same speed

as every eye turns to it in greed.


Hooray ! cries the voice in jubilation

as head strikes down  with no intention

Alas! goes the voices in a groan

as it  eyes the tails land down.


Lot more and lot less go with it

matches and catches are with it

let us also go with the practice

no harm is found in this tactics.





Pushed In A Rush—- A Reference

Getting pushed in a rush

could lead to a crush

the crumble so specific

could be one of unique

where you lose the balance

miss your stand  and dance

not  being one of mirth and joy

rally one of a fall like a toy

legs get bruised being the minimal

your life being trampled in the terminal

that way the push and the rush go about

does they in the same way  in and out

the emotions trap you down to the ebb

become a prey to them in the blurb

the relations do tag you to a certain stripe

unknowingly you enter the  trap

love it or not you be on the alert

never allow to be pushed into the  culvert.




exhilaration. Poetry

The Rains Cause Happiness.

The sound of rain falling
that too in the morning
keeps me in a mood of joy
and in a status of enjoy
I rush to the window
see the abundance in a show
the water falls in a sheet
it is a pleasant treat
I run to my back door
pull open the door
run into the vegetable garden
where the veggies lie in a broaden
stand there for a while
get drenched in style
the water flows down my head
I put out my tongue instead
splash it around my lips
the water drops in drips
it is a play of my childhood days
it continues to this day
an exhilaration I experience
it is one of very great reference.

Poetry soul

A Soul Into The Blue.

The passion for writing
is like a kite
above and up it flies
never does it shies
my enthusiasm rises
it multiplies in thrice
then mounts up in four folds
the thirst I could not hold
I write like a mad
pen poems of sad
poetise joy
talk with coy
know not my structure
nor my grammar
either the syntax
without an index
that is me through and through
a soul into the blue

content. Poetry

I Am An Architect.

What a world I could make?

as all seem to be in a fake

a creation in a dream

with illuminations in a gleam

would be the best possibility

Yes, I see around in style

the land that surrounds me

supplies all I want without trial

I find a cheerful abundance

which call not for any reference

the prosperity  overwhelms

beyond the specified realms

I  hover around with eyes open

I  could spot nothing inferior even in token

the children play and learn with a relish well looked after with

well looked after with a cherish

the aged walk in an elegant stride

share their experience  with pride

not one of them staggers or wobbles

look fresh and free of troubles

the commercial  transact  in terms straightforward

no deals are performed  with an exchange inward

threats of terrorism  have no place

if at all they are  gimmicks in case

hijack is an absentee in the  world  of mine

the hide and seek takes place in a shine

abuse and misuse are not  thought  at all

be them in words, matter or material   in call

women are held in high esteem

never they undergo hardships extreme

distinctions between poor and rich are unknown

as everyone is moderately  well off and well known

with a lovely house and a caring family

a job well paid and no struggle in the rally

the life in my world goes about  happily

a gracious blessing it is hopefully

Well, this would be the world I wish to make

simple as it could be  easy to take

I want no frills or drills along the sides

I require plain transparency with no abide

If this world could be created as I wish

I see a Heaven on earth with  an eternal bliss.

Lovely is my circumspection by all  deeds

Great it would be if I succeed!baby and grandmother .

‘I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15.’

Haiku ordinary Poetry

Bundle of Joy

A lively bundle

not an ordinary wrapped bundle of joy bundle

bundle of joy


It Is One Of Joy.

It is a beautiful May morning

the sun is in its full strength

could see  the joy around in full length

the eyes of the children are sparkling

while they go up and down in the swing

they count the moves up to the tenth

they sigh and let out their breath

as they go high up all giggling

it is a pleasure to watch them play

not they know beyond that

a momentous rejoice it seems

an experience that stays for the day

not bothered of any other thing after that

peace transcends subtly in a seam.

children in swing.


God Be With You

God be with you
could be a blessing
told in good spirit
could mean different
when said with anger
the same words hold
different connotations
in dissimilar intonations
that be the style of life
expressions of joy
along with the antithesis
extension of anguish
a strategic move could it be ?God be with you


The Balloon Man

The balloon man as he is called affably
passes through our lane without fail
with a whistle and a noise in a trail
that bring every child out possibly

The man halts by the tree
fills the balloons with air
puts them out in display with care
an array of colours promoting glee

The excited children flock to his shop wayside
touch each balloon with their hands tender
want to have not one but,balloon man many a splendour
their face reflects enchantment besides

The seller uses his skill
creates animals of the balloons
inserts a rattle into the fill
that croaks and barks and croons

The children thrilled even more
run home to get few cents
beg their mothers to spare a little more
walk with heads down cause they received a dent.

The balloon man is a human after all
pushes two more liberally into their hands
sets a tone of pleasure and contentment
a good salesman he is with no brand.

The next day he comes along with a usual gusto
children throng around the man with amity
they trust his generosity
a charm he employs every day in the tempo


The Bundle Of Joy

The little boy being unruly
screaming with joy
seemingly a loving act
mumbling with discomfort
indicating a sign of uneasiness
going by his shrieks and cries
every actibundle of joyon of him be a play
delighting all around with cheer
being a mother of such a boy
always on toes with a vigour
making a move fast with a rigour
beyond any cope up and posing a stress
proves hard and bothersome
at times gets beyond control
she losing her sleep and rest
not careful in her schedules
falling down in exasperation
wishing someone could handle him
if being offered to take up
reluctant to share with others
feeling the little boy mischievous
being her own bundle of joy.