It Is One Of Joy.

It is a beautiful May morning

the sun is in its full strength

could see  the joy around in full length

the eyes of the children are sparkling

while they go up and down in the swing

they count the moves up to the tenth

they sigh and let out their breath

as they go high up all giggling

it is a pleasure to watch them play

not they know beyond that

a momentous rejoice it seems

an experience that stays for the day

not bothered of any other thing after that

peace transcends subtly in a seam.

children in swing.


That Be A Wish

There stands a house
lonely  on the road
with a sprawling garden
and a lively orchaimages (55)rd
all set in a greenery
exhibiting a tone od prosperity
with a swing in the front
and a slide in the back
where children throng
going in a move full of joy
climbing up and down
enjoying a great thrill
the house  looks majestic
with an authoritative command
along with the choicest demand
a magnificence all very lovely
presenting an amazing look
that be the house  I cherish
I like to have and live
as it delivers peace and harmony
altogether  in a stroke
that be a wish long in my mind
hoping to get it fulfilled  in time


Swinging To And Fro

Swinging away into the past
where the retreat is very fast
while memories come gushing in a flow.
when back to the time of birth in slow
though with no memoirs of that day special
but got to know about it in a tell
then treading toward the school life
with all its gusto and strive
proceeding towards the university
clinching honours in veracity
becoming a wife and a mother
in quick succession whatsoever
submerged in sea of responsibility
almost for three decades with credibility
finally emerged out of it though in a belateddownload (20) mode
the lifelong passion of writing finds its code
be it a canvas with profile low and not grand
it had given me an outlet to voice my stand.
With that in purview my life has taken a full circle
saying proudly to myself that I have not buckled