accomodates kind large -hearted Poetry

House Has A large Heart.

It is  open to all

free to anybody in call

I mean not any other

be it my own rather

the house is  large-hearted  and kind

does not discriminate any of a kind

accommodates me in a full stretch

gives place to cats  as such cat-sleeping-in-tree

squirrels  run up and down all familiar

lizards crawl and climb in a similar

cockroaches come out  in the night

birds flock together  presenting a lovely sight

mosquitoes used to barge in with a force

have been banished  with a net in close

my gardener lives with his family

so do the cook and his allies

the watchman  and the driver come and go

while my maid works rather slow

the coconut trees grow all around

the mangoes and guavas  create a bound

the curry leaves are in abundance

the Tulasi is worshipped with a reverence

the crows and the parrots are guests of honour

so are the butterflies and insects in order

a fewer vegetables are in the backyard

where the brick wall is in guard

very much to say my house is large

where everything is  free  of charge

distinctions. Poetry tragedies

The House In Itself

The house in itself

stands divided

most of the shelves

seem to be undivided
The apparent remains together

almost resembles a pattern

the virtual differs altogether

follows a lightless lantern.

The mind makes a hell

out of the beautiful

it builds a heaven in a tell

with a practice rueful.

So go the ironies and metaphors

with paradoxes and oxymorons

the house with all tragedies to refer

becomes a place of moan.



A Small House

It is a small house

a full house

with children many

all not very tiny

cheerful and alert

never in a divert

work and play

not only with clay

being the base for dollsdolls

happiness is felt in all

a great enthusiasm it is

a preference with, please

the house though small  in size

exudes warmth without a price.

choice mechanical movement noise Poetry relief shout

The Primary School Next Door

The primary school next to my house
presents a picture of grouse
space very limited for improvement
children stay in without movement
the teachers shout from morn to evening
the children follow with no understanding
it is mechanical, mind you
a recital without a clue
begins with the vernacular
goes with English in a manner jocular
then comes the counting in rote
with the rhymes in a shrieky note
on the whole, it is chaos
till the evening when the little oneshouse turned school bid cheerio
a great relief to me from the din and noise
and to the kids from the venue of their parent’s choice


The House Turns a Home.

A house is a house
with bricks and mortar
becomes a home
with fun and frolic.

The structure of stones
starts to breathe life
when the family moves in
it begins to echo the bustle.

The doors open out
and close as eyelids
a let out for the good
a shut out for the bad.

The windows go with the elements
they take in the breeze
and send out the heat
a friendly application they are.

The halls reverberate
with the chimes of happiness
they too record
the tears of sadness.

The private chambers needless to say
silently bear testimony
to the intimacy
and the squabbles.

The kitchen burns and heaves
pots of porridge and rice
get cooked all day
never it rests.

The family grows
as does the house
the one becomes big
the other turns ancient .

Memories rush and crowd
the human mind
the activities gorge in
flood the house.

The house as I feel
is an alternate to man
he lives and dies
while it lingers for years.



That Be A Wish

There stands a house
lonely  on the road
with a sprawling garden
and a lively orchaimages (55)rd
all set in a greenery
exhibiting a tone od prosperity
with a swing in the front
and a slide in the back
where children throng
going in a move full of joy
climbing up and down
enjoying a great thrill
the house  looks majestic
with an authoritative command
along with the choicest demand
a magnificence all very lovely
presenting an amazing look
that be the house  I cherish
I like to have and live
as it delivers peace and harmony
altogether  in a stroke
that be a wish long in my mind
hoping to get it fulfilled  in time


The Fall And Rise.

The breaking of stones
with an intermittent pause
gets me on the run
rushing to seek the going on
where the rubbles fall
one by one from a house
which had stood for long
seeing through generations
passing through the network
with children on the go
playing round the corner
the folk enduring all the debacles
enjoying  all the  miracles
a go up and a go down
with the inhabitants on the round
now is on the verge of crumbling
with the top floor almost down
the rest   shattered to the ground
with that the history of a family
gets lost in the  debris
it is only stones and mortars
they have no feelings and no tidings feel so.
To me, they echo the voice of the generations
having heard them day in and day out
every stone knows the fears and tears
every brick understood the mirth and joy
Well, the fall prescribes a changed alibi
with many apartments rising high
bringing in more families into the area
so much so the life goes in the course.
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The House In Shine.

The house needs a cleaning every day

with a tidying  and dusting

where the furnitures look battered in a day

with the layers of dust white and black sitting

overlapping their exquisite finish

while cobwebs flying  around

get stuck to the corners of the garnish

the hanging garden of Babylon being found

dustbins overflowing with waste

dish washers  full with dishes

laundry gets growing  as days go by in haste

garden  turns haggard and weird with fissures

requiring a trimming and watering cleaningperiodically

with the mowing of lawn underway

going by the growth as it may

sweeping of the entire  pathway

demanding great time and energy

that wanes of with years and age

as the occupant  loses her synergy

so does the house rocked in a range

dwindles in its value and significance  greatly.


That Being A House.

That being a house in which I was born

That being a house in which  I cried   first.

That being the house where I was brought up .

That being the house  where I grew.

That being the house where I played

That  being the house where I gave birth to my children

That being the house which was a part of me.

That being the house  where my parents lived and died.

That being the house that brings big housenostalgic memories

That being the house which looked grand and majestic

That being the very  house now looks sad and  waned,

That being the house now has lost its shine.

That being the very  house now it silently weeps ad sobs

That being the house longing for its past glory and last pomp .

as it stands  remote and battered by times and ill luck,


The Condos Around me.

Away from ny home for a while

coming back  saw in style

high raised apartments round me

with hundred eyes peering down at me

a thing unusual and a strange schedule

as had lived through  all along in a  seclude

with none living around all the way

accustomed to a private and solitary sway

this sudden prop up brings in an awe

that usurps the tranquillity in raw

shattering  the privacy to a great extent

leaving a dazed feel and a deal different483_1macefield_house_seattle_01