accomodates kind large -hearted Poetry

House Has A large Heart.

man, animals, reptiles and birds live together in harmony.

It is  open to all

free to anybody in call

I mean not any other

be it my own rather

the house is  large-hearted  and kind

does not discriminate any of a kind

accommodates me in a full stretch

gives place to cats  as such cat-sleeping-in-tree

squirrels  run up and down all familiar

lizards crawl and climb in a similar

cockroaches come out  in the night

birds flock together  presenting a lovely sight

mosquitoes used to barge in with a force

have been banished  with a net in close

my gardener lives with his family

so do the cook and his allies

the watchman  and the driver come and go

while my maid works rather slow

the coconut trees grow all around

the mangoes and guavas  create a bound

the curry leaves are in abundance

the Tulasi is worshipped with a reverence

the crows and the parrots are guests of honour

so are the butterflies and insects in order

a fewer vegetables are in the backyard

where the brick wall is in guard

very much to say my house is large

where everything is  free  of charge


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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